TIN Podcast: A Dividing of Sheep & Goats in Idaho’s GOP, Why Masks Need to Go Away, and More …

The TIN podcast returns after a month off to bring you incisive commentary! In this episode, listen to TIN editor Daniel Bobinski and co-host Josh Gibbons discuss:

  • The embarrassing Kangaroo Court in Idaho’s GOP that didn’t need to be.
  • Wayne Hoffman’s Op-Ed on how the new House Speaker (Mike Moyle) has tried to throw off the dogs by removing a Democrat from the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) all while obviously colluding with Senate President Pro Tem Chuck Winder to ensure conservative legislation will not get passed.  (Read Wayne Hoffman’s Op-Ed here)
  • Daniel Bobinski’s Op-Ed exposing that in 2002, Mike Moyle, Scott Bedke, and Brad Little all voted to repeal term limits for Idaho’s House and Senate members, and then voted to overrise the veto by Idaho’s governor!  How interesting that all three are now in positions of power. (Read Daniel’s Op-Ed on this here)
  • Mask studies have shown that they have ZERO impact on preventing viral transfer and all mask mandates are correspondently useless. Even “Mr. Science” Anthony Fauci cannot cite one study showing that masks work.  (Read the story here)
  • Daniel Bobinski’s interview with embalmer Richard Hirschman and what he’s finding in deceased people’s arteries and veins since the “jabs” started – and how it was so informative, that “InfoWars” literally claimed the video as their own, placed their logo on it, and uploaded it to their website. Bobinski wants it known that neither he nor anyone at Shadowtrail Media gave InfoWars permission to re-label the video and upload it to the InfoWars website.  (See Daniel Bobinski’s interview with Richard Hirschman here)
  • Police leadership (and former leadership) have been under the microscope for multiple reasons.

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