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Too often, citizens of Idaho attend an event, but when they read about the event in their local paper or hear it reported on radio or television, in no way does the report resemble the actual event.

True Idaho News was founded to counter the massive amount of spin and false information published by “mainstream” media, as well as expose corruption wherever it is found. We believe in the Journalist’s Creed and will boldly expose facts so that government, its agencies, and our representatives can be held accountable. Our agenda is one of truth.


Statement on the Weaponization of Words


Labels (e.g., domestic terrorist, domestic extremist, white supremacist, right-wing, etc.) are being dubiously applied throughout the United States by certain Federal, State, and Local governments and agencies, as well as nonprofits, media, academics, politicians, social media, businesses, and law enforcement. The purpose of these labels is to target proponents of the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which the nation was founded, as well as those who support ‘dual’ federalism, which is the governmental model created by the nation’s Founders.


A rising movement exists that seeks to replace dual federalism with a modern doctrine known as ‘cooperative’ federalism.


Legislation has been proposed in the U.S. Senate, the result of which will be to silence, marginalize, and imprison political opponents of the ‘cooperative’ federal system. One purpose for the creation of True Idaho News is to expose the efforts of those who seek to eliminate the dual federal system and destroy the United States as it was designed.


Most unfortunately, the narrative used by supporters of cooperative federalism may lead to supporters of the Judeo-Christian ethic and dual federalism being doxed, targeted, and even killed. This should be of great concern to all Americans.


Shadowtrail Media’s Position


Shadowtrail Media/True Idaho News does not advocate for nor practice racial supremacy or sovereign citizen (common law); nor do we advocate violence of any kind for political gain for any reason.


It is likely that those who seek to dismantle the dual federal system will attack and/or attempt to smear True Idaho News and/or its writers as ‘extremist,’ ‘white supremacist, ‘right-wing,’ or similar. We believe this type of verbal subterfuge hinders civil discourse about society, political doctrine, and government structure, and places our staff in danger.


To be clear, it is not the intent of Shadowtrail Media/True Idaho News to disrupt or undermine legitimate national safety and security concerns. True Idaho News believes that all Federal, State, and Local investigations, hearings, and reforms, as well as all media investigations and reports, should ensure that civil rights are safe-guarded; that the right to share differing political discourse be respected and protected; that law enforcement not be politically weaponized, and that a ‘government of more stability,’ – one that balances ‘dual’ and ‘cooperative’ federalism – is guaranteed for all partisans, religions, races, sexes, etc., for many generations to come.


True Idaho News seeks to keep the United States intact, operating with the dual federal system designed by the Founders. It should not be broken apart or rebuilt under a different system.

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