TIN POD / Rep. Judy Boyle Gives the Inside Skinny – PLUS: The Education Money Pit

On this week’s episode of the True Idaho News podcast (listen here / also embedded below), Commissioner Asia Williams and Representative Judy Boyle join host Daniel Bobinski to discuss education plus multiple issues that arose during this past legislative session — with the inside story from Rep. Boyle of how some things went down at the statehouse.

Also –

  • Judy Boyle explains her resignation from the House Education Committee
  • How drag performances in high schools are hypocritical at best (and may be illegal)
  • A new state law prohibiting boys from using girl’s bathrooms
  • How the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto of property tax relief – and then how the Guv tried to take credit
  • A new law on foreign gov’t ownership of Idaho land
  • North Idaho mayor compares Christians to the Taliban
  • Schools keep asking for — and getting — more money, but results are nonexistent

Listen to the podcast below.

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