TIN Podcast: The Time is Now to Make a Difference in Idaho

In the latest True Idaho News Podcast (listen here or listen below), Asia Williams and Shane Klaas join Daniel Bobinski to discuss the dangerous position in which Idaho finds itself. Leftists are bringing a Marxist agenda to the state but they’re covering it with the cloak of First Amendment, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their talking points sound compassionate and they tug at people’s hearts, but these policies are moving Idaho further to the Left. Unfortunately, Leftists are succeeding by co-opting people who claim the Republican label but don’t vote for Republican principles.

Complicating matters are groups that use terms like “conservative” to describe themselves when their positions are nothing of the sort.

Further complicating matters occur when two or three true conservatives enter a race for a particular elected office as they challenge one “squishy” / Leftist Republican. The result is the conservatives split their votes and the left-leaning Republican gets elected. To truly return the Republic, conservatives will need to figure out a solution to this.

With that, it’s time now to start recruiting TRUE Constitutional conservatives to challenge those who put Rs after their names but don’t support the platform on which they run.

Also, not all elected officials are alike, so you need to get to know those who are holding elected office. This show features multiple views on how to approach your representatives so that they’ll listen.

As Col. John Mills points out in his book, The Nation Will Follow, if we want to restore the Republic, we need to get involved at the local level.

Listen to the podcast here:


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