True Idaho News Podcast: Cheers to Dropping Drop-Boxes; Jeers to the Worst Tax Proposal in Idaho History

In this show we have both cheers and jeers. On the upside, House Bill 693 passed the House, and its purpose is to eliminate voter drop boxes. Specifically, a sentence of text was added to Idaho Code regarding voting: “The use of drop boxes or similar drop off locations to collect absentee ballots is prohibited.”  

An article elaborating on the bill can be found here at True Idaho News.  Host Daniel Bobinski took a moment read the names of the 20 Republicans who voted with all the Democrats to keep drop boxes.  The bill has been sent to the Senate, specifically Patti Anne Lodge’s State Affairs committee, where her committee will vote on it – if she even lets the bill be heard.

The podcast is embedded below, or you can listen by one of these links:

In the Jeers column, House Bill 701 passed the House, authorizing $50 million for “workforce housing” (what does THAT mean? It’s undefined in the bill). The problem? The funds come from the America Rescue Plan Act (Covid-related), and we do not yet know the terms and conditions of this money.  This is setting up Idaho for a bad deal, plus it makes Idaho more dependent on the national teat. Glenn Beck was in Idaho a few weeks ago warning against Public-Private Partnerships – which is what this is. Apparently, the majority of Idaho’s House ignored Beck’s advice.

Also Jeers – the Rice / Moyle tax bill (House Bill 741) is, in the words of Daniel Bobinski, “the worst piece of legislation since I moved to Idaho 24 years ago.”  The bill would eliminate property tax (except for bonds and school levies) for RESIDENT homes (but not for 2nd homes or rental properties). However, at the same time it would raise the state’s sales tax to 7.85% — practically a 20% increase.  This bill would be devastating to renters, who would get absolutely no break from property tax relief but would get a 20% increase in their sales tax.  The $60 increase in grocery tax credit that accompanies this bill is a JOKE. This is a bad bill that must be deep-sixed quickly.

Jeers also to Governor Brad Little, who acts much like a marionette for the National Governors Association and the World Economic Forum. Daniel read some quotes from WEF about how they fully intend to “hack” humanity and control the evolution of mankind.  Read Daniel’s Op-Ed, Is Brad Little a Marionette for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum?

Even bigger jeers to Brad Little for claiming he left Idaho open during the pandemic.  Idahoans should NEVER forget that that Little locked down the state and unilaterally declared some workers essential and some non-essential. Anyone who knows of a business that permanently closed because of Brad Little’s edict, please contact True Idaho News at We want to collect and publish these stories.

NOTE:  Any conservative Republican who disaffiliated from the Republican party after the 2020 election because of how the Party treated Donald Trump are requested to re-register with the Republican party so to be able to vote for conservatives in the May primary. BUT – that action must take place before March 11!! 


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