TIN Podcast: The Kirsten Lucas Interview

This edition of the True Idaho News podcast features TIN editor Daniel Bobinski starting off by talking about some national issues, and then pivoting to local issues by incorporating his recent KBLX interview with Kirsten Lucas.

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Topic # 1 – The “January 6” hearings put on by Nancy Pelosi’s gang of manipulation will present only one side of the issue, and can rest assured that viewpoint will be twisted and slanted. In an effort to ensure their narrative gets across, Nancy Pelosi’s committee hired a TV producer to advise and coach behind the scenes. Watch (and process) with a grain of salt.

Topics # 2 – Bobinski gives sarcastic thanks to George H.W. Bush (Bush 41), because 80% of the ingredients needed for our drugs in the USA are made in CHINA, and it was Bush 41 who advocated that the U.S. move its production capabilities to China. Today, officials are concerned that the USA will not be able to get the ingredients needed so U.S. citizens can get the medications they need.

Topic # 3 – If we give up guns in this country, we become sitting ducks for invasion. Mass shootings are most certainly tragic, but blame does not go on the guns … no gun gets up and shoots anyone.  Forty years ago, youth had shooting clubs in schools and kids brought their guns to school.  What’s changed? The laws, societal norms, and “tolerance” of bad behavior, to name a few.

The Second Amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is confusing? The RIGHT to keep and bear arms is not given by the Constitution, it is given by God.  The 2A simply says the government will not infringe on that right.

Topics # 4 – Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has been permanently banned from Truth Social. The Trump organization’s “free speech” platform banned the outspoken critic of vaccines for “violating terms of service.” Tenpenny was not told what terms were violated.  It is theorized that Tenpenny’s outspoken stance against the “vaccines” stood in stark contrast to Trump’s position in supporting Operation Warp Speed – which included the MILITARY distributing the jab nationwide.

Gab.com and Brighteon.Social are probably the only truly free speech platforms in existence.

Topic # 5 – Kirsten Lucas, an active Constitutional conservative who lives in Canyon County, was recently a guest on Daniel Bobinski’s Keep the Republic show that airs on KBXL, 94.1 FM in the Treasure Valley.  It was a great interview, and the bulk of that interview has been incorporated into this podcast.

Kirsten Lucas is not an activist, but she’s “ACTIVE,” and she stands as a shining example of what can be done when people get involved in their community.
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