Pride Fest Law Violations, Boise Property Tax Increase, & the Jacyn Gallagher Interview

In this edition of the True Idaho News podcast, TIN editor Daniel Bobinski talks about conferences, Idaho’s Pride Fests, possible actions of the incoming Attorney General, and Boise’s Mayor McLean raising property taxes. Then he shares his interview with incoming State Representative Jacyn Gallagher.

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Topic # 1 – Several conferences are happening this coming week. 

Northern Idaho: Saturday,  June 18 at 10:00 am the clocktower at Riverfront Park in Spokane. Titled, the Battleground Rally for Life, Liberty, and Happiness, multiple pastors will be speaking on the need for believers to get involved in what’s going on in government.

Southern Idaho: The Northwest Liberty Symposium will be Tuesday thru Thursday (June 21 – 23) at Northwest Nazarene University – hosted by former State Representative Elizabeth Hodge and her husband, Allan. Although the event is promoted for teens, adults are also welcome to attend. Former U.S. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul will one of the speakers, as will Tina Griffin, the counter-culture mom ( Idaho State Senator Christy Zito will be speaking, and so will True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski. More than a dozen speakers are slated.  To learn register or to learn more, visit

Topic # 2 –  As pointed out at the Action Idaho website (, the Pride Fest in CDA broke several state laws – but nobody seems to be doing anything about it.  Also – does Idaho’s “conservative” governor, Brad Little, approve of state tax dollars being used to actually SPONSOR eight different Pride Fests in the state?

Topic # 3 – Idaho’s soon-to-be Attorney General will have opportunity to bring Idaho back in alignment with Constitutional principles (instead of dancing around them or ignoring them altogether). One question posed by Idahoans: What will new AG’s position be on how HOA’s run over homeowner rights?

Also – what will the new AG do regarding unconstitutional overreach of people currently serving in Idaho’s government?

Topic # 4 – In the middle of the worst economic conditions in 40 years, Boise’s mayor Lauren McLean wants to grow government. She is proposing nearly a 2.5% increase in property taxes. Really? On top of the massive increase in property values over the past few years, plus the massive inflation?  

Topic # 5 – In the recent primary, political newcomer Jacyn Gallagher ran for a House seat in District 9 against sitting House Representative Ryan Kirby – and Gallagher won. She was a recent guest on Daniel Bobinski’s Keep the Republic radio show on KBXL, and the bulk of that interview is included in this podcast.


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