TIN Podcast: Sen. Chuck Winder is in Serious Need of Retirement; Idaho Pizza Co. Mistakes, & More!

True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski along with co-host Josh Gibbons start by looking at a couple of bills that passed Idaho’s House of Representatives with flying colors but got stuck in drawers in the Senate. As Gibbons said, you can tell a lot about a legislator by what they support, but even more by what bills they don’t want heard. Senator Chuck Winder, “leader” of the Senate, let very important bills protecting Idaho’s children get drawered – they didn’t even get a hearing. In fact, Winder actually said he didn’t want them to get a hearing.

Conclusion: Winder needs to be retired. And so does Fred Martin from District 15.

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Bobinski and Gibbons also discussed the video of Brad Little being daft about the existence of Critical Race Theory being taught in Idaho schools. Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin’s campaign created a great video juxtaposing Little’s ignorance about what’s going on in Idaho with undercover video showing school administrators openly saying they still teach the principles of Critical Race Theory but it’s happening under different names.

Brad Little also needs to be retired.

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Next up was the Idaho Pizza Company slamming its doors to meetings having to do with politics or social issues. (For more data, this True Idaho News article explains more: https://trueidahonews.com/idaho-pizza-company-slams-the-door-on-political-meetings/)

The Conservative Accountability Group is anything but conservative, and they are producing videos packed with blatant lies. They’re working in concert with the extreme leftist 97% group, so no – not exactly conservative.

Branden Durst is getting slammed hard by legacy media because, unlike the other candidates for Superintendent of Schools, Durst will not play in the Swamp. Durst will be the main speaker at the next Ada County Liberty Dinner – tickets must be purchased at www.TrueIdahoNews.com/acld before Monday, April 4 at noon. Gibbons spilled some interesting facts about Durst’s competition, Debbie Critchfield!

The ConservativesOf: voters guide is out now – go to www.ConservativesOf.com and click on Idaho.

Final Idaho News – be sure to VOTE in the May 17 primary!! In Idaho, the real election for conservatives happens in the primary. REASON – Democrats are running as Republicans! It’s imperative that that conservatives identify the true Constitutionalists running for office and vote for them in the primary.

National News: The CDC has removed 24% of children deaths from Covid from their website. But Bobinski warned listeners to buckle up and be aware – the World Economic Forum has something up their sleeve.


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