TIN Podcast: IFF President Wayne Hoffman Covers a Wide Range of Topics Affecting Idaho

Special guest this week on the True Idaho News podcast is Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF). Host Daniel Bobinski and Hoffman discussed many things, including:

  • The difference between “common sense” conservatives and real conservatives
  • The non-conservative organization that goes by the name of “Take Back Idaho” – and their motivations for attacking the IFF
  • Brad Little’s expansion of Idaho’s budget by nearly 50% over the past three years
  • The reason government agencies strive to grow
  • The poor performance of our school system – Idaho students have been underperforming for decades, and lack of money is not the problem
  • The definition of Libertarian
  • Trent Clark’s lies and deceptions
  • The theft that is taxation
  • The Judeo-Christian view for the roles of family, church, and state
  • The questions asked in the Idaho Freedom Foundation Rating Chart
  • The various activities of the Idaho Freedom Foundation
  • The motivation for why schools lie to us about CRT
  • The differences in donors to Priscilla Giddings & Scott Bedke

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