TIN Podcast: Brad Little Hasn’t Changed, Masks Don’t Work, and An Interview With Ron Nate

The last TIN podcast for June this year includes Daniel Bobinski’s interview with Rep. Ron Nate, who has some exciting news for listeners.

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Podcast topic overview:

From Redoubt News, Bob Shillingstad writes that our “conservative” governor, Brad Little, has not changed.  He’s still singing the song of Anthony Fauci that these COVID jabs actually cut down on spread of “the virus,” despite the New England Journal of Medicine reporting that the jabs actually increase the likelihood of catching.

Also from Redoubt News, Karen Schumacher reports that the World Economic Forum is pressing forward with the idea that “resistance is futile.” Countries need to give up the idea of keeping their sovereignty.  This isn’t a “theory.” The WEF and everyone’s favorite depopulation “philanthropist” Bill Gates are out there saying these things – it’s just that the legacy media conveniently ignores it and refuses to report it.

Journalist JD Rucker reports that the New England Journal of Medicine has published a piece showing that Covid jabs actually increase the risk of Covid infection. TIN Podcast host Bobinski says the evidence is clear – masks don’t work, and if masks get reinstated, it’s time for civil disobedience; there’s zero rationale in living a lie. Better to follow the science showing that sufficient levels of Vitamin D not only reduces the chances of getting Covid, but also the intensity of Covid if one catches it.

As reported in the Pocatello Chubbuck Observer, the Pocatello Fire Department is setting up in city parks once a month over the summer to spray “rain” so people can keep cool.

The podcast finishes up with Bobinski’ interview with Rep. Ron Nate that originally aired on the Keep the Republic radio show on KBXL, 94.1 FM, which airs on Saturday mornings.


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