Rep. Tammy Nichols Speaks to Brad Little’s Special Session; Brad Engle Speaks to the Constitution

Tammy Nichols on the Special Session

Rep. Nichols questions why Governor Little is calling this “extraordinary” session. How is this issue more important and more urgent than the Covid-19 “emergency,” where Little and (outgoing) Attorney General Lawrence Wasden performed feats of pretzel logic to say the Legislature didn’t need to meet 60 days after the declaration — AS STATED IN THE CONSTITUTION? Nichols’ perspective:  Little has offered no reason this issue can’t wait until January when the state legislature resumes.  

Paul Engle on the U.S. Constitution

Coming up in Idaho in September are two talks on the power of the Constitution.  One will be in Idaho Falls the evening of September 28 at the Snake River Event Center. The other will be in Canyon County.

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