Free Constitution Course Now Available Online Though True Idaho News

A complete course on the U.S. Constitution is now available on the True Idaho News Rumble page, and can be viewed by anyone for no cost.  

Jeralynne Bobinski, the facilitator, is an in-demand educator with a gift of making concepts easy to understand. Jeralynne agrees with John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who said that all citizens should study the Constitution so that when their rights are violated, they will be able to defend and assert their rights. Therefore, Jeralynne makes herself available to “wherever there is a venue and an audience” to teach on the U.S. Constitution.

Last year, Foothills Christian Church in Boise asked Jeralynne to deliver her material, and videographer Steve Nelson stepped up to videotape the classes. The classes are available for anyone to watch, and no enrollment fee is charged. However, people finding value in the course can bless Jeralynne with a donation using the link embedded in the show notes of each video (donation link).  

Session descriptions and links to each session are listed below:

  • SESSION 1 (link):
    To truly understand the U.S. Constitution, one must first understand the Declaration of Independence and the worldview of the Founders. Without that foundational knowledge, one cannot fully understand the WHY behind the Constitution’s structure.

    In this first video, Jeralynne Bobinski, founder of Meadowlark Academy, presents the Declaration of Independence and explains its contents line-by-line, all in an engaging, relatable, contemporary way. In the second half of the video, Jeralynne presents the framework of the Judeo-Christian worldview held by our America’s Founders, because – again – unless one understands their mindset and values of those who created the Constitution, one cannot fully appreciate the content and structure of the document.
  • SESSION 2 (link):
    In this second video, Jeralynne presents Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Article 1 is the longest article in the U.S. Constitution, describing the composition, powers, and limits of the legislative branch of government. Jeralynne explains why the Founders set up this branch of government the way they did.

  • SESSION 3 (link):
    In session 3, Jeralynne presents Article 2 of the Constitution, which describes the function and powers of the President and Vice President of the United States. Jeralynne explains their roles and responsibilities, and also why the Founders were cautious when creating this branch.

  • SESSION 4 (link):
    Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution outlines the role and powers of the Judicial Branch of America’s government. This is the shortest of the articles that create the three branches of government, so Jeralynne also provides an overview of the Articles of Confederation – and explains why they weren’t working for the nascent nation. Jeralynne’s review of the Articles of Confederation provides an even deeper understanding for why certain things were written into the 1787 Constitution.

  • SESSION 5 (link):
    In this session, Jeralynne starts by reviewing Articles 4 – 7 of the U.S. Constitution. These articles cover the rights and roles of state governments, states’ rights, and the relationship of the federal government to the state government as well as the states’ relationship with each other. Also covered are the mechanisms of how the Supreme Law of the Land can be changed.

    In the second half of the video, Jeralynne reviews The Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution). These amendments, all ratified at the same time, outline several of the guaranteed rights of Americans and the several states.

  • SESSION 6 (link):
    In this final class, Jeralynne reviews the 17 amendments made to the Constitution after the first 10 were ratified along with the document’s signing in 1787. Jeralynne reviews the reasons each of the amendments were proposed, which parts of the original writing were changed (where applicable), and how the changes are impacting us today.

True Idaho News and Meadowlark Academy are both subsidiaries of Shadowtrail Media, LLC. Jeralynne Bobinski does not charge for these classes. If people find Jeralynne’s course valuable and would like support her work, they are encouraged to make a donation. Simply write “For Meadowlark Academy” or “For Jeralynne” in the ‘Write a note” section of the donation page.

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