Election Special TIN Podcast: Special Guest Asia Williams Talks ARPA Funds, Brad Little, and RINO Lies

Today’s show features host Daniel Bobinski, co-host Josh Gibbons, and special guest, Asia Williams, candidate for County Commissioner in Bonner County.

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The discussion opens talking about Pastor Steve Bradshaw, candidate for governor, how he has not been honest and has not kept his word. According to people who’ve recently left his church, Bradshaw has “gone off the rails.”

Williams and Bobinski both spoke about how the country and the state need to return to Constitutional, Christian values.  The country was founded on those principles, and it can’t operate unless those principle are in place.  Williams pointed out that this concept is central to how our education system should operate.  That thinking make us who we are as a country.

Unfortunately, allowing Black Lives Matter and the violence that accompanies that movement has become the new normal.

Also discussed:

  • The LIES that Brad Little is feeding Idahoans.
  • The political hanky-panky going on in Bonner County.
  • The problems with accepting ARPA funds. 

Williams pointed out that one condition attached to government entities receiving ARPA funds is that the entity accepting the money must grow by 7%!!   Restated: Any government agency that accepts ARPA funds must, as a condition of accepting the money, agree to GROW by 7%.

This is an engaging podcast and we hope to hear more from Asia Williams in the future.