Vaccine Damage to Children is Real But Being Ignored; Dr. Michael Karlfeldt Talks Treatment

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt of the Karlfeldt Center in Meridian appeared on the Voice of Conservative Values show today, addressing a variety of subjects regarding Covid-19 and the toxic spike proteins found in the “vaccines.” Other topics addressed on the December 16 VOCV show on Brighteon.TV include:

Did you know some Idaho schools are providing space for a clinic bus from St. Luke’s Hospital on their property, but are telling parents that the school is not providing clinics? And – schools are working with police to carefully monitor social media comments from local parents? Parents must be gentle as doves but wise as serpents when dealing with school administrators.

Also covered: Permanent damage is occurring in children that get the vaccine, and it’s irreversible. Also – children getting a vax are five times more likely to wind up in the hospital than if they catch Covid-19?

And – Vaccine Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (“VAIDS”) is real, and it’s occurring in people who get the vax, and their immune systems are downregulated so that regular injections will be necessary just to maintain a basic immune system, thus creating vaccine addicts.

Investigative journalist John Nevin from UncoverDC joins True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski to discuss the the comments of Dr. McCullough. McCullough, a leading voice on treating Covid without the risk of a “vaccine,” was recently interviewed by Tracy Beanz, editor-in-chief of UncoverDC, on her Dark to Light podcast.

McCullough said that for children, the pandemic is over.

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt

In the 2nd half of the show, Bobinski was joined by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, owner of the Karlfeldt Center in Meridian, Idaho. Karlfeldt discussed vitamins and supplements that can be taken to ameliorate the affects of the toxic spike proteins injected via the Covid-19 “vaccine.”

Viewers who would like a copy of the free PDF with links to doctor interviews and their Covid prophalaxis and treatment protocols simply need to request it by sending an email to

The VOCV show featuring Dr. Karlfeldt can be seen here:


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