Dec 13 True Idaho News podcast: Ammon Bundy’s community service; Idaho’s $1.6 Billion surplus; deception from Gov Little; Greg Chaney must go

Daniel Bobinski is joined once again by Josh Gibbons, and they offer insights and opinions on topics such as the House Ethics Committee reviewing its rules and procedures, Ammon Bundy’s request for certain activities on the campaign trail to count as community service, and also what will happen to Idaho’s $1.6 Billion budget surplus.

Also discussed is an appearance by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin on Daniel Bobinski’s VOCV show, where she talked about the constitutional crisis in Idaho and deception coming from Governor Brad Little and his staff (watch the show here). Daniel and Josh also found time to warn people about IACI, and they finished the show talking about the news Greg Chaney video, showing how the man makes too many mistakes to be trusted as a representative of the people.

Topics on Today’s Show:

1)  House Ethics Committee members contemplate changes to their “Rule 45,” which has glowing gaps and oversights. Daniel & Josh discuss their ruminations, and also offer a few suggestions for how the Committee can be improved.

2)  Gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy, who was convicted of trespassing earlier this and required to perform 40 hours of community service, petitioned the courts to allow his efforts to get people to registered to vote while he’s campaigning for governor.

3)  Since Idaho’s budget is now $1.6 Billion in the black, Daniel & Josh discuss what should be done the money.  Josh predicted that Governor Little will attempt to buy votes by issuing a $40 “rebate” to taxpayers before the Republican primaries in May, accompanied by a letter telling us how much Little has done for us – never mind that it was Governor Little who shut down the state and ruined so many businesses to begin with.

Daniel also discussed his Voice of Conservative Values show this past week (VOCV airs each Thursday at 2pm mountain time), which exposed how Brad Little was disingenuous (at best) when talking about Pfizer’s “approved” vaccine (which is NOT available anywhere in the United States).  Also, Daniel’s guest on that show was Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, and he gave McGeachin the opportunity to correct the rumors about her.  She also talks about what the governor’s office has said and done (or not done) over the past 18 months, and the unconstitutional actions of our governor.

Watch the VOCV show with guest Janice McGeachin here.

4)  Daniel & Josh also talked about IACI (the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry), including their propensity for crony capitalism and how they are aligned the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum, and not the citizens of Idaho.  IACI lobbyists provide lots of funding to Idaho legislators and legislators are known for relying on IACI’s recommendations for or against legislation.

Read Karen Schumacher’s article about IACI here.

5)  A video about Greg Chaney on YouTube exposes just a few of the “bad decisions” made by Mr. Chaney  – and both Daniel & Josh agree that Chaney is such a statist (and not a Republican as he claims to be), that he does not deserve any elected position in the state of Idaho. Watch the Chaney video here.


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