Idaho Must Act to Prevent W.H.O. “Agreement” (Treaty) From Invading All Aspects of Society

By Karen Schumacher
This article originally appeared at Redoubt News and is reprinted here with permission.


The World Health Organization (WHO) will be voting on the Pandemic “Agreement” (which was cleverly renamed as an agreement to avoid required Senate advise and consent if named a Treaty), and revision of the International Health Regulations (IHR) beginning May 27.  For ease of reading, a shortened version of the agreement can be found here.  Heck, some of the draconian measures were suggested by the United States.

Many experts are warning about the danger of both documents, especially to U.S. sovereignty.  There is also suspicion that the revised IHR are only for the purpose of benefiting corporate profits.

While the sham continues that the agreement – rather, treaty – is something to which the United States must agree, page 25 Article 5 (1) states,

“The Parties commit to promote a One Health approach for pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response that is coherent, comprehensive, integrated, coordinated and collaborative among relevant actors and sectors” including  “…collaboration with WHO, WOAH, FAO, and UNEP, presently known as the quadripartite.”

These two provisions, the WHO “One Health” approach, and quadripartite (the U.S. having only met with three of the organizations) have already been adopted and implemented through the U.S. Global Health Security Strategy (pgs 21, 28, 59).  Therefore, the claims that the treaty is watered down, or that it won’t remove U.S. sovereignty doesn’t matter. One Health has already been integrated into government policy including the U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceUSGSEPA, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and probably many others like the CDC.

This short video explains One Health.  Perhaps the World Economic Forum (WEF) has the easiest explanation:

 “… any surveillance of new disease outbreaks must include humans, animals, and planetary changes.” 

That means intrusive and detailed surveillance of everything.  As a result, calls for increased regulatory actions are being seen in the food industry with a more bloated government, and corporations making a profit by supplying the testing and monitoring equipment.

When any little outbreak occurs there will be corporate profits from the testing, medications, and vaccines, just as happened with Covid, along with controlling the narrative (pg 46 (c)(vi)). In reality, it is expanded government intrusion and control that will be the most devastating.

In fact, the One Health Commission (led by Americans) lays out all the life areas it will impact. The sponsors of such rubbish include the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and a host of pharmaceutical companies.

As noted by the One Health Commission, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) will play a “critical role” in One Health.  Medical providers and hospitals screen everyone for SDOH, snooping into life areas that have nothing to do with your health complaint.

A White House Executive Order (found here) is also preparing, without legislation, “to maintain United States competitiveness in the global bioeconomy (Sec 3 (h))”.  This whole “infect-and-treat-disease” revolving door is its own little economic machine.

More states are asserting their state rights by opposing this pandemic treaty.  Utah and Florida have passed legislation that would effectively prohibit any directives from WHO in their states, and Louisiana and Oklahoma have legislation waiting to be signed.  It would behoove Idaho to do the same.  Meanwhile, Idaho already endorsed the One Health approach through its One Health Consortium, and the University of Idaho.

Representative Tina Lambert and Senator Tammy Nichols put forth HJM 7 this last legislative session, which addressed concerns regarding UN and WEF influence over Idaho, and called for a review of international agreements.  It looks like it never made it out of committee.  This needs to be brought back as legislation next year, with the WHO included.

Forty nine Congressional Senators, including Senators Crapo and Risch, signed a letter to the White House this month asking for withdrawal of support for these amendments, and if not, submit any pandemic related agreement to the Senate for advise and consent.

Idaho Attorney General, Raul Labrador, along with 21 other Attorneys General, signed a letter opposing the treaty and IHR, as well.

Because of the amount of money exchanging hands, governments will continue to be out of control with these pandemic scams.  Contact your Senators and give them support.  But also, contact your state representatives and strongly request them to initiate legislation that will prohibit any WHO, UN, and WEF directed activity in Idaho. Provide the legislation from other states for them to use a template.  And in the end, if draconian WHO measures are forced through the federal government, refuse to comply.

Listen to the enemy – they are telling everyone what they are doing.

When will Americans face the reality that a Republic no longer exists?


This article by Karen Schumacher originally appeared at Redoubt News and is reprinted here with permission. The original article can be found here.


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