True Idaho News Editor Interviews Gen. Michael Flynn

After serving as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was named National Security Advisor for Donald Trump. It didn’t take long for Flynn to become the target of a Deep State attack on the Trump Administration. Since fighting those legal battles, Flynn has worked to energize Americans to get involved in restoring the country to its Constitutional roots.  

Gen. Flynn spoke at the Reawaken America Tour in Post Falls, ID on Sept. 16 and 17, where he stopped by the Keep the Republic media booth to speak with True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski. Gen. Flynn spoke with Bobinski about how local elected positions — such as precinct committeemen and school board trustees — can have huge impacts on national politics. Flynn also reprimanded pastors across the country for failing to discuss from their pulpits the liberties and responsibilities found in the Constitution.

General Flynn discusses why local politics are so important — and why “Establishment” Republicans don’t want people to know about the impact that can be made by Constitution-loving Americans serving in those positions.

Watch the interview below, or click here: