TIN Podcast: Rep. Heather Scott Elaborates on Illegal Actions in Idaho’s ‘Special Session’

Special guest: Representative Heather Scott discusses the “extraordinary” legislative session held this month.  The bill presented and passed had THREE different topics – in violation of Idaho law – yet many so-called conservative legislators voted for it anyway, even after acknowledging the bill was not written in accordance with Idaho law.

Rep. Scott said, “It’s sad that this is where most legislators are … Fearful or intimidated to actually stand on truth or actually stand up for what they’ve taken an oath — to protect the Constitution.”

Scott pointed out that it was the executive branch that wrote the bill and handed out strict instructions that nothing could be changed, and both House and Senate leadership carried out his instructions.  “The Governor is acting outside his authority,” Scott said, and in her opinion, is acting “like a tyrant.”

“Really, the people should be in charge,” Scott said. “We are not a business or a corporation that is supposed to be run top-down. We are supposed to be run ‘bottom-up’ government with the people in charge – the people directing their legislators – their representatives – to pass legislation that THEY want.”

In the second half of the show, hosts Daniel Bobinski and Josh Gibbons discussed their experience at the Reawaken America tour that took place in Post Falls on Sept 16 and 17.

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