Whistleblower Provides Proof Fauci Funded “Gain of Function” Research

“In no uncertain terms.” That is a direct quote from attorney Thomas Renz when he was asked if the whistleblower Andrew Huff had proof that Fauci knew about the Gain of Function research, had funded it, and lied to Congress about it.  Renz was interviewed by True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski after a press conference on Sept. 17 in Post Falls, Idaho. At that conference, Renz announced that he would be filing a lawsuit on behalf of a Huff, a former senior scientist with EcoHealth Alliance.

When asked about the proof, Renz said, “We got the grants, which show [the money] went to EcoHealth, where [Huff] worked, to corroborate the fact this was happening.” Renz said everything points to the fact that the Covid-19 virus was made in a lab.

When asked if the whistleblower was nearing retirement age or had anything to gain, Renz pointed out that he is working age and has nothing to gain from coming forward with these accusations. “He’s been harassed,” Renz said, “He has nothing to gain from this.”

Prior to the whistleblower connecting with Renz, Huff connected with investigative journalist Wendi Strauch Mahoney from UncoverDC. Mahoney wrote a series of articles about Huff’s situation. During an appearance on Bobinski’s Keep the Republic show, Mahoney said that Huff “is the real deal.”  In her UncoverDC articles Mahoney provides links to Huff’s paperwork (see below).

Anthony Fauci has repeatedly told Congress that he did not fund Gain of Function research, but records provided by Huff show that Fauci’s statements are untrue. Furthermore, multiple news sources have reported that Robert Redfield testified to the U.S. Senate that Anthony Fauci was aware that he was funding Gain of Function research on what is now called Sars-CoV-2, or Covid-19. Redfield was director of the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) at the beginning of the Covid “pandemic.” Furthermore, Redfield testified that Fauci knew he was making the virus more dangerous, and that he “misled Congress” when he denied he was doing these things.

According to multiple reports, Redfield has received threats on his life for revealing this information.

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