No, Idaho Statesman’s Micheal Deeds, Being Heterosexual Does Not Mean Being Intolerant

By Daniel Bobinski 

Michael Deeds, one of the few Idaho Statesman writers who’s survived the bloodbath of firings and layoffs over the past few decades, may have survived due to his far-left views. His most recent scribblings have been to slander Eagle businessman Mark Fitzpatrick for proclaiming June to be Heterosexual Awesomeness Month at the Old State Saloon.

At issue, Deeds doesn’t like it that heterosexual men get a free beer on Mondays, that hetero couples get 15% off their bill on Wednesdays, and hetero females get all-day happy hour pricing on Thursdays.

Without having conversed with Fitzpatrick about the promotion, Deeds openly declares, “[T]ons of people are loving Old State Saloon’s thinly veiled hate.”

Serious questions exist here. Is Deeds clairvoyant? Does he understand a person’s motives without seeking a conversation to truly listen and understand? Apparently, Deeds believes he IS clairvoyant, so a challenge is in order:

Mr. Deeds – please provide examples of hate or apologize for your slander.

Let’s say it again but in larger type:

Mr. Deeds – please provide examples of hate or apologize for your slander.

Deeds also proclaims, “Old State Saloon is promoting intolerance.”

Oops. Another challenge is in order.

Mr. Deeds – please provide examples of intolerance or apologize for your slander.

Let’s say it again, also in larger type:

Mr. Deeds – please provide examples of intolerance or apologize for your slander.

Unlike Mr. Deeds, this writer reached out to Old State Saloon owner Mark Fitzpatrick and asked some questions. No hate was sensed coming from Mr. Fitzpatrick in any way.  No intolerance, either.

This writer believes it’s a reasonable challenge for Mr. Deeds to “grow a pair” (his own words) and go sit in the establishment for a while.  No purchase is necessary. He could even bring his gay and lesbian and queer friends. If Deeds is intellectually honest, this writer has complete confidence Deeds will note everyone is treated with respect and dignity, as all customers are at the Saloon.

When asked about Mr. Deed’s slanderous article, Saloon owner Mark Fitzpatrick replied, “There’s been a strong response with plenty of foul language attached and some threats. I sincerely love people, all types of people. I don’t think choosing to celebrate heterosexuals should be treated with such vitriol.  The LGBTQ+ crowd patronizes Old State Saloon often.  There’s never been a problem with that, nor do I expect any problems in the future.  Anyone mistreating someone for any reason will be asked to leave.”

In fairness, this writer reached out to Mr. Deeds for comment, but no response was provided prior to the time of this publication.

The challenge stands.  Provide examples of hate and intolerance, Mr. Deeds, or apologize for your slander.


Idaho Statesman posts libelous, slanderous tweet

To promote Deeds’ slanderous article, an Idaho Statesman’s X/Twitter post from May 30 states that “Eagle bar’s ‘Hetero Month’ puts ‘trans’ in transparent bigotry.”

Again, this is more slander.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines slander as:

  1.  Oral communication of false and malicious statements that damage the reputation of another.
  2.  A false and malicious statement or report about someone.

The same dictionary also defines bigot as:

One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

It appears the truly intolerant one here is Mr. Deeds. Mr. Fitzpatrick welcomes people of all genders, colors, creeds, and political views into his establishment.  He’s simply choosing to celebrate heterosexuality in the month of June. It’s no different than any business choosing to celebrate LGBTQ.

Deeds, on the other hand, is strongly partial to his own Leftist beliefs and appears to be quite intolerant of those who differ, especially since he won’t visit Old State Saloon even in his professional capacity as a journalist, nor converse with Mr. Fitzpatrick over the phone or face-to-face.

Perhaps it’s actually Mr. Deeds who is the bigot.



In the interest of full disclosure, Daniel Bobinski, the writer of this article, teaches the Bible study at Old State Saloon on Sunday mornings, has eaten at the establishment on multiple occasions, and has never once observed nor sensed any hate nor any intolerance toward any person in any way for any reason. Dr. Bobinski is also a certified behavioral analyst. 

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