TIN Podcast: Massive Wind Turbines Can Wait – Lava Ridge Project Appears to be on Hold

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In what might be a minor miracle, Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson inserted language into a House Appropriations bill that, if passed, will put the Lava Ridge Wind Project on hold.

Both the Obama and Biden Administrations have funded “green” energy projects that have become nothing but failed money-pits. Still, under Biden, the Bureau of Land Management has been headstrong on installing 400 monstrous wind turbines across 100,000 acres in south central Idaho.

Reaching 740-feet into the air, the 400 planned massive wind turbines are more than 100 feet taller than Seattle’s Space Needle and nearly 200 feet taller than the Washington Monument. Even though the turbines would be constructed across three south Idaho counties, Idaho would see none of the electricity generated. The power would be sent directly to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Idaho’s entire congressional delegation has spoken out strongly against the Lava Ridge Project, but this week Congressman Mike Simpson, chairman of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, inserted language into a bill that effectively puts a halt to the project.

Brian Almon, editor of the Gem State Chronicle, posted Congressman Simpson’s press release, and also came on the True Idaho News podcast to discuss the issue.

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NOTE: Reasons against the massive turbines are many.  Several are listed here:

1. Intermittent energy production: Wind turbines only generate electricity when the wind blows, making it an unreliable source of constant power.

2. Wildlife impact: Wind turbines are deadly to birds, bats, and other flying creatures, causing fatalities through collisions.

3. Noise pollution: Wind turbines produce both aerodynamic and mechanical noise, which can be disruptive to nearby residents and wildlife.

4. Visual pollution: Large wind turbines are eyesores, disrupting scenic landscapes and natural vistas.

5. Environmental impact pre- and post-construction: The installation of wind farms disrupt local habitats and ecosystems. In the Lava Ridge Project, deep concerns exist about long-term damage to the state’s water table.

6. Health concerns: People living near wind farms report health issues, including sleep disturbances, headaches, and stress.

7. Radar interference: Large wind turbines are known to interfere with radar systems used for aviation and weather forecasting.

8. Ice throw: In cold climates, ice can accumulate on turbine blades and be thrown off as high-speed projectiles, posing a potential safety hazard.


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