Excessive Bureaucracy in Boise Sends Chicken Restaurant to Meridian

After a brief stint of operating in Boise, a drive-thru chicken chain got tired of Boise’s bureaucracy, so they threw up their hands and moved to Meridian.

The fortuitous new location for the Chicken Shanty is 3110 W Quintale Dr. in Meridian, right between the new Wienerschnitzel restaurant and the Broken Yolk Café, on the southeast corner of W. McMillan and Ten Mile. This location was previously occupied by Sweet Burrito.

The Chicken Shanty’s original location was just off Overland in Boise, operating in a former coffee stand with a drive-up window. However, after just a few months of dealing with Boise’s red tape, the owners decided the hassle wasn’t worth it, so they closed the restaurant.

The city of Boise allowed the Chicken Shanty to open in the former coffee stand, despite the location being in Boise’s outdated zoning code. This required a new permit for any drive-through use. Then, even after obtaining a temporary food truck permit, Chicken Shanty still faced numerous code compliance issues.

Faced with the daunting task of securing all necessary permits for a permanent location, the owners decided it wasn’t worth the struggle. In other words, the closure in Boise wasn’t because of a lack of customers, but rather because of the city’s convoluted zoning regulations.

Now, with a great new location, Chicken Shanty is offering its signature chicken fingers, wings, wraps, sandwiches, and pineapple upside-down cake in a city that values business over bureaucracy. As a bonus, those who are health conscious will appreciate that Chicken Shanty’s chicken is all-natural, free range, and antibiotic-free.


This story originally appeared in Boise Development with additional information provided by True Idaho News staff. 

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