America’s October Surprise Will Likely Last 10 Months

By Daniel Bobinski 

Anyone who believes Joe Biden got 81 million votes in the last election is either deceived or doing the deceiving. And yet, Clinton and Obama groupies pushed that lie, along with most of the bureaucratic state and their lapdogs in the media. Whatever it took to maintain power, they were doing it.

And while it’s suddenly trendy to say Biden isn’t fit to hold office (after four years of bashing conservatives for saying the same thing), no matter who the Democrats put on the ballot, Donald Trump looks to be the winner come November. But you have to know that those currently in power will not step quietly aside to let Trump enact his agenda.

Whatever you saw the Deep State do from 2015 – 2021, consider it child’s play compared to what will happen over the next year.

Remember Antifa, the “Anti-Fascists” group? This non-organization – which embodied the very behavior they claimed to be against, will return. They might have a different name, but we should expect to see the same terrorist tactics.

Remember the George Floyd riots? In my opinion, those riots were planned and at the ready, waiting for a black man to die at the hands of a white cop during the 2020 election year. Watch the movie, The Fall of Minneapolis. The autopsy of George Floyd, who essentially committed suicide by swallowing his fentanyl when accosted by cops, showed he had enough of the drug in him to kill a horse. But that didn’t fit the narrative. Thus, the felon Floyd was honored with a gold coffin and many crocodile tears, and a former Minneapolis police officer is now a political prisoner.

Remember the pee tape scandal? False.

Remember Russian collusion? False.

Remember quid pro quo? False.

Not only did those and many other false scandals cost American taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars, those stories took over the news cycle. Trump was forced to counter these attacks, which prevented him from accomplishing many of his goals.

Still, despite all the obstacles, Trump’s list of accomplishments was quite long.

The Deep State HATES that.

A certain group of people wants to take America down so they can rebuild it using their control mechanisms, and they are so close to achieving that goal they can taste it. Thus, you have to know they are currently plotting and scheming to create chaos once Trump is re-elected.

But you also need to know they won’t be waiting for election results. I say it’s a fair bet the “powers-that-be” will be letting their hounds loose long before November 5. Their chaos machine will probably hit full stride in October, and the unspoken message will be along the lines of, “Remember all the chaos that America experienced the last time Trump was in office? Do you want that again?”

Anyone who cares about the future of America will need to stand firm on principles. The storm will hit, but patriots must weather the storm.

As we’ve seen, in addition to George Soros-funded rioting and other social upheavals, the Deep State and its cronies will use lawfare like never before. They’ll whip up multiple legal challenges, and I surmise more accusations will hit Trump and his team in the first half of 2025 than hit him during his four years as President.

You should also know that traditional media outlets (newspapers, network TV, and much of cable news) will join in attacking and smearing Trump. They continue to show reporters standing in front of burning buildings saying things like the protests are “mostly peaceful.” They will continue giving airtime to known liars such as Adam Schiff who will insist they have “seen the evidence” against Trump – when no such evidence exists. They will reinstate the “Trump Lie Counter” to let you know that every time Trump says, “We have the greatest nation in the world,” it’s a lie.

And if Trump says “America is the greatest nation in the world” five times during a speech, they will count it as five separate lies. They did that last time, they’ll do it again.

It’s also a fair bet that, this time around, someone will actually try to assassinate Trump. They are that desperate. If you’re a praying person, pray a hedge of protection around the man.

It’s not about Trump – It’s about you

The power-hungry people working to take down America hate anyone who advocates for “Make America Great Again.” Therefore, while Trump will be the one in the news and the one taking the brunt of the heat, know that what they really want to destroy is conservatism in America. Any and all groups that seek to restore the country to its founding principles are targeted for destruction.

They seek to dishearten conservatives and want to dismantle their fortitude. They will lie about, smear, and even attack those who stand against their globalist agenda.

As they attack the “MAGA” movement, society will get chaotic. As we saw in 2020, havoc and mayhem will fill the streets. New plagues – however manufactured – will pit obedient non-thinkers (so-called Karens) against people who act on actual facts.

And none of this goes away after Trump gets sworn in. In fact, the tumult will likely get worse. “They” do not want Trump enacting any of his plan to turn America around, so they will throw everything they can at him – and all conservatives – to try to stop it.

So buckle up.

Stock up.

Load up.

Stand up.

I surmise America will be in disarray until at least the middle of 2025, but whatever happens, people who love this country cannot give up. We must, as our Founders did, pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

As Ronald Reagan said in 1964, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”


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