TIN Podcast: Charges Dropped Against Sara Brady, Dr. Cole Was Right All Along, and more

In their casual open of the first TIN podcast for 2023, hosts Daniel Bobinski and Josh Gibbons discuss weight loss, Daniel’s plant-based diet, and the dangers of statins.  (LISTEN HERE)

Idaho’s new Attorney General Raul Labrador dismissed the state’s case against Sara Brady, the “Playground Mom” who was arrested by Meridian Police because she wouldn’t remove herself or her kids from a public park. The case made national news, and former AG Lawrence Wasden assumed the role of prosecuting attorney. The general belief among observers is that Wasden purposefully kicked the can for several years, trying to get Brady to cave due to escalating legal costs. Was it a purposeful vendetta from Wasden?  Daniel and Josh discuss.

Also discussed: much MISINFORMATION was given us by the media and people in government agencies. People like Dr. Ryan Cole were “canceled” by various medical organizations, but abundant research is pouring in now showing that Dr. Cole was right all along. The people in the medical industry have been lying to the public (and to themselves). All evidence shows that those in the medical industry as well as those in the media and politicians all lied for one main reason: money.

Also discussed: Fantasy blogger Brian Holmes who is employed by KTVB-TV in Boise has been described by a former neighbor as a “flaming socialist.” That may be, but it was recently discovered that Holmes lives in a gated community.  Kind of incongruous.

Also discussed: The techniques used to turn Colorado blue will not work in Idaho. More dangerously, leftist mentalities are filling establishment Republicans, and those people are smearing conservative Republicans.

Also discussed: The composition of the Idaho State Senate is much more conservative for the next two years. The problem: House and Senate leaders set up the education committees to be conservative on the Senate side, but “establishment liberal” on the House side. Similarly, they set up the Government Affairs committees to be conservative on the House side but “establishment liberal” on the Senate side.  This will result in the leaders being able to block/prevent a lot of conservative legislation.

The key to restoring the Republic:  more conservative Constitutional need to fill the Precinct Committeeman positions.

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