End-of-the-Year TIN Podcast! Idaho H&W Lies; Josh Gibbons on the Border, & More

On this last episode of the True Idaho News podcast for 2022 (listen here), find out: What unique things did Daniel & Josh do for Christmas?


Idaho Health & Welfare and Governor Little have regularly been telling us that the mRNA jabs are “safe and effective,” when neither is true.  Daniel & Josh discuss the latest article at www.TrueIdahoNews.com on the misinformation coming from the governor, Health & Welfare, and the legacy media.

Listeners are also encouraged to watch Daniel’s interview with embalmer Richard Hirschman, which has gone viral. The video of that interview can be found at www.KeepTheRepublic.us.

Preventative treatments are discussed.
BONUS:  Watch Daniel’s Keep the Republic show with Dr. Karladine Graves on what supplements help in treating colds and flu.

Josh Gibbons reported on his trip to the Texas border with Rebel News to report on the flood of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. From the moment Josh got to the El Paso airport he was shocked – illegal immigrants were sleeping in the airport.

In his interviews with border crossers, Josh realized that the United States government is responsible for creating the humanitarian crisis that exists. Even border patrol will not enter certain portions of U.S. land areas because the drug cartels run the areas.  Josh explains his eye-opening and shocking observations.

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