Susan Lang Does Jail Time, Idaho’s Abortion Law Controversies, & more

Liz Cheney loses BIG in Wyoming

Wyoming voted more for Trump than any other state, so for Liz Cheney to try to win re-election by regularly attacking Donald Trump was foolhardy.  Even her father (former VP Dick Cheney) donned a cowboy hat and told Wyoming voters that Trump was a coward – pretty much sealing the fate of his daughter’s loss.

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Susan Lang does jail time

Since when does an unelected and unconstitutional body have the right to create laws that result in fines and jail time? The virtue signaling board of Central District Health tried to do just that with regard to mandated masks, and they were tone deaf to the input of citizens. Susan was arrested days after standing on the sidewalk outside Democrat Diana Lachiondo’s house and banging on a 5-gallon bucket trying to get the attention of the board.  Hosts Bobinski and Gibbons discuss the asinine judicial finding and Lang’s statement on the matter.

Idaho’s Abortion Ban

A while back, the Idaho legislature passed a “trigger” law that would go into effect if Roe v. Wade were ever overturned, thus making abortion illegal in Idaho. Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the Federal Gov’t is suing Idaho.  Seems they like being able to kill unborn children.  Multiple issues have arisen about the new law, some of them controversial – Bobinski and Gibbons discuss.

Little Brad’s Special Legislative Session

Finally, Gibbons discusses the charges that have been brought up against a former Caldwell police officer, exposing the corruption that [allegedly] has existed in that town. Bobinski and Gibbons then discussed their observations on the mentality changes occurring in law enforcement over the years.

Most Idahoans are unfamiliar with Brad Little’s ties to the big business lobbyists in the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and that his re-election campaign manager used to be Chief of Staff for a Democrat Senator.

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