Lies and Ignorance: Dangers of Trusting the Education System and What Idaho Parents Can Do Differently

By Daniel Bobinski

As reported in Idaho Ed News, “West Ada teachers railed on a proposed policy change that would bar them from asking students a range of personal questions – including inquiries about their sexual orientation and their gender identity.” To juxtapose that, Left-leaning Republican Governor Brad Little has said on numerous occasions that he does not think Critical Race Theory is being taught in Idaho schools, to include any CRT component or variation. Add to that a refusal by Joe Biden’s Education Secretary to give his opinion on whether schools should keep “gender transitions” a secret from parents, and Idaho is in danger of being transformed into an administrative (Leftist) state where kids get indoctrinated into Leftist / Marxist ideology right under our noses.

It is important that parents take notice of these facts and act to take control over what happens regarding their children’s education. All school districts in the State of Idaho use your money – money from your taxes – to keep schools operating. It is your money that pays their salaries. It is your money that pays for books. It is your money that pays for practically everything involved in the school system.

And yet those in the education system think they can be unaccountable by telling the public one thing but doing another? Specifically, Idaho administrators were caught on tape stating that they flagrantly mislead and lie to Idaho citizens (see the video).

Also, since when is it okay for school boards to call the police about a “disruption” if parents attend board meetings and insist their questions get answered?  This actually happened in Kuna, ID in 2021.

Since when is it okay for publicly funded organizations (school districts) to take your money and not tell you the truth about what they’re doing with it?  This happens in multiple places throughout Idaho.

Many working in our education systems – even citizens who are school board members – have developed a mindset that whatever happens in ‘public’ (government) schools is “none of your business.”

Citizens do not give money to schools for those schools to tell citizens to sit down and shut up.  A couple of truths need to be acknowledged:

  1. Idaho is getting ready to give a woefully uninformed, statist-friendly career politician four more years at the helm of Idaho.  He will continue to be played by the monied power-players in education who woo him into supporting policies that increase state control of the classroom (read: an increase of teaching Leftist values).
  2. Idaho educators will continue to pull the wool over the eyes of Idaho citizens, telling parents that schools don’t teach components of Critical Race Theory when, in fact, they do – and then laugh about how they mislead the public.
  3. Idaho parents need to know that inexpensive, small private schools, academies, and co-ops are popping up all over the state. Parents have options. Education is mandatory, but education at “public” schools is not mandatory.  Parents should inquire within their circle of friends about healthy educational alternatives in their communities.

It has been said that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation is the philosophy of the government in the next generation. Regardless of who said it (it is often attributed – though unverifiable – to Abraham Lincoln), the statement contains much truth.  Therefore it is up to parents to take action starting today to be more involved in the education of their children. Solid conservatives have reported to True Idaho News that their children were raised with an understanding of conservative values, but lost those children to Leftist “woke” ideology because the students were indoctrinated at “public” school.

If homeschooling is not an option, parents do well by taking 30 minutes each day to discuss the day’s learning and “fact check” it with their students. This helps our children develop the skill of either validating or disproving what is presented to them. Since we know our educators are lying to us and our state’s uninformed governor is blind to what is truly happening in Idaho, seeking truth and instilling it into our children is – and remains – the job of parents.


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