Duke Pesta: The Focus of ‘Public’ Education is NOT Education – It’s Advocacy for Socialism

Dr. Duke Pesta, a leading authority on the pitfalls of Common Core education, recently spent some time on Daniel Bobinski’s Keep the Republic show discussing the Leftist infiltration of education across America.  View the discussion here, or watch it below.

When it comes to education, no conservative states exist. Even Oklahoma, the most conservative state in the nation, has a radical leftist pedagogy in its education system. The reason? No matter where they teach, teachers are all trained at leftist universities.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter established an unconstitutional department of government: The Department of Education (DOE). Since its foundation, the DOE has created an increasing amount of federal presence in education, controlling what happens in schools in even the reddest states.

Bribing or Bullying – Your Choice

Today the DOE threatens local districts if they don’t implement Leftist policies promulgated by the DOE. Sadly, even conservative school board members go along because if they don’t have money to pay teachers or buy textbooks, they will be painted as incompetent by local media.

One game the Left plays is threatening to withhold funds if local districts do not allow boys and girls to use each other’s restrooms, but such a move would never hold up in court.

All money used for education comes from the taxpayers, and parents cannot abdicate their right to have a say in how education happens in their district and in their state. They should not allow the cultural dialectic to rule educational conversations.

Hyper-Sexualized Content is Everywhere

Regarding the hypersexualized curricula now permeating our schools, the question must be asked: Why are LGBTQ individuals referred to mainly as sexual objects? All extremist school curriculum rarely addresses interpersonal relationship skills – instead, students are told to explore the variations of sexual activity that are possible.

Books used in these lessons address fetishes, fantasies, and kinks, but nothing about how to demonstrate or practice real love. Nothing about commitment. The students are mainly defined through the lens of physical sex.

What we’re actually seeing in all of this is grooming, but social media no longer allows that word to be used — which tells us they simply don’t want us shining a light on what’s really going on.

Sexualizing children undermines our Judeo-Christian values. Therefore, parents and concerned citizens are encouraged to visit http://www.VAC.org – the Values Advocacy Council – and plug in. Get involved.

To explore what options exist for your students at the Freedom Project Academy (the school where Dr. Pesta is the executive director), visit http://www.FPEUSA.org.

Watch the Pesta / Bobinski discussion on Keep the Republic here:




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