KTR: Larry Schweikart’s new book Dragonslayers, Dan McKnight Discusses Undeclared Wars

In this episode of Keep The Republic, host Daniel Bobinski shares the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin will no longer accept dollars or euros as payment for products or services coming from Russia – only gold, Rubles, or bitcoin. 

This move by Putin is likely to have serious effects on the financial markets of both the United States and the world.

Bobinski also expounded on confusing messages coming from the White House regarding the US military and their involvement in Ukraine.  The White House says one thing, but U.S. Generals are saying another.

Later in the first segment, Bobinski was joined by Dr. Larry Schweikart, talking about his new book, Dragonslayers. Schweikart’s book explores the various “swamp fights” that six U.S. Presidents that had to face.  Those Presidents were Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.

The book has five stars on Amazon, and after only two weeks the book is already in its second printing. Bobinski told Schweikart he found Dragonslayers to be informative, insightful, and compelling.  

In the second segment, Bobinski spoke with Dan McKnight, Founder of Bring Our Troops Home and Defend the Guard. McKnight expressed his frustration that each state’s National Guard is supposed to serve at the direction of that state’s governor, but they are being sent overseas to fight in undeclared wars. McKnight’s Defend The Guard organization strives to have each state pass legislation making it so their National Guard cannot be sent overseas unless Congress officially declares a war.  

Bobinski closed his show by telling viewers to set aside May 7 so they can watch the Educational Truth Summit which will be broadcast live on Brighteon.TV from Boise, Idaho.  People wanting to attend the Summit in person can get tickets here.


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