Idaho Primary Endorsements – May 21, 2024

By the True Idaho News Editorial Board

Polls are open in Idaho until 8:00 PM tonight. Here on election day, the office phone has begun ringing with people asking such questions as, “Who are the real conservatives? So many groups are out there endorsing different candidates with everyone claiming to be conservative.”

It’s true. For decades, big-government, left-leaning people realized they needed to pose as Republicans to get elected in Idaho. As a result, Idaho’s Republican party has been moving left. Tired of that shift, true conservatives began differentiating themselves with terms like “conservative” and “liberty-minded,” and our last election cycle saw Idaho voters choosing true conservatives over the “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs).

Sure enough, just as the left-leaning big-government types co-opted the label Republican all those years ago, now they’re now co-opting the terms “conservative” and “liberty.” Even worse, they lie to Idaho voters, equating liberty-minded candidates with left-wing Libertarians and anarchists. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the establishment types aren’t afraid of lying to regain power.

More on this subject can be read in a recent Op-Ed from the True Idaho News board of directors. The  question for today is, “If I want to vote for REAL conservatives, who are they?”

All Politics Are Local – Conservatives MUST vote today

The Precinct Committeeman (PC) position is an unpaid position in which Republicans run against other Republicans and Democrats run against other Democrats. It’s a relatively obscure position, but it’s at the heart of our state politics.  It’s PC’s who vote for the state’s party platform and for the various officers of the state, such as the state chair.

The kicker is that no runoffs exist in this race. PC’s are elected only during the state’s primary election every two years. Two years ago, truly conservative voters installed many truly conservative PCs, and one result of that was conservative Dorothy Moon getting elected to the state chair position over the big-government establishment advocate Tom Luna – with Moon getting more than 60 percent of the vote (434 Moon / 287 Luna).

Luna and many other establishment RINOs did not like losing their positions, so they’ve spent big money to recruit people who will prop up their big government / crony agendas. Naturally, they’ve even recruited statehouse lobbyists to run for these offices, all while claiming the label “conservative.”

Many truly conservative groups have been vetting these low-profile but very important positions.  Whoever gets elected TODAY to these slots will hold these seats for two years and influence the direction of Idaho’s Republican party.  You can find a list of recommended small-government conservatives at websites such as


This is a fairly reliable list of truly conservative Idahoans who are willing to work for no pay to help keep Idaho truly conservative.

Voting for Idaho’s Legislature

Idaho consists of 35 voting districts, each with two Representatives and one Senator. It would make more sense for Idaho have 44 Senators, one for each county (similar to how the U.S. Senate has two Senators for each state). However, as it now stands, some Idaho State Senators represent multiple counties while some counties (such as Ada) have NINE Senators. It is what it is.

Many conservative groups publish voting guides each election, and it’s interesting to see that even conservatives will disagree on their recommendations. This year that isn’t the case. Yes, some differences exist, but by and large, most of the conservative groups are endorsing the same candidates.

2024 marks the first years True Idaho News has officially published an endorsement list. It’s bound to make some people happy, and it’s bound to upset a few others, but what follows is a list of candidates recommended by True Idaho News for Idaho’s legislature.

D1 – Scott Herndon for senate, Spencer Hutchings and Cornel Rasor for house seats A and B

D2 – Phil Hart for senate, Heather Scott and Dale Hawkins for house seats A and B

D3 – No senate recommendation, Vito Barbieri and Jordan Redman for house seats A and B

D4 – Ben Toews for senate, Joe Alfieri and Elaine Price for house seats A and B

D5 – No senate recommendation, Tony Wisniewski for house seat B

D6 – Dan Foreman for senate, Colton Bennet for house seat A

D7 – Cindy Carlson for senate, Kyle Harris and Larry Dunn for house seats A and B

D8 – Christy Zito for senate, Rob Beiswenger and Faye Thompson for house seats A and B

D9 – Brandon Shippy for senate, Jacyn Gallagher for house seat A

D10 – Tammy Nichols for senate, Rachel Hazelip for house seat A

D11 – Chris Trakel for senate, Kent Marmon and Lucas Cayler for house seats A and B

D12 – No senate recommendation, Jarome Bell for house seat A

D13 – Brian Lenney for senate, Steve Tanner for house seat B

D14 – No senate recommendation, Josh Tanner for house seat B

D15 – No recommendations at all for any seats

D16 – No senate recommendation, Jackie Davidson for house seat B

D17 – Benjamin Chafetz for senate, no recommendations for either house seat

D18 – No recommendations at all for any seats

D19 – No senate recommendation, Jim Feederle for house seat A

D20 – Josh Keyser for senate, no recommendations for either house seat

D21 – Brenda Bourn for senate, Monica McKinley for house seat A

D22 – No recommendations for any seats

D23 – No senate recommendation, Tina Lambert for house seat B

D24 – Glenneda Zuiderveld for senate, Clint Hostetler for house seat A

D25 – Josh Kohl for senate, David Leavitt for house seat B

D26 – No senate recommendation, Kally Schiffler and Lyle Johnstone for house seats A and B

D27 – No senate recommendation, Pat Field for house seat B

D28 – No senate recommendation, James Lamborn and Kirk Jackson for house seats A and B

D29 – No senate recommendation, Tanya Burgoyne for house seat B

D30 – Jerry ‘Truth’ Bingham for senate, Julianne Young for house seat B

D31 – No senate recommendation, Karey Hanks for house seat B

D32 – Keith Newberry for senate, Kelly Golden and Bryan Smith for house seats A and B

D33 – Bryan Scholz for senate, Jilene Burger for house seat B

D34 – No senate recommendation, Larry Golden for house seat B

D35 – Doug Toomer for senate, Brett Skidmore for house seat B

Readers will note that some seats have no recommendation, even though Republicans are running for those seats. In those cases, True Idaho News has determined that the person’s stances and/or voting records do not align with constitutional, conservative values.

Other Key Races

Many other races could be addressed, but several that have high importance:

Doug Traubel – Ada County Sheriff:  A county sheriff is the highest-ranking law official in any county.  When illegal government mandates come down, a sheriff has the right – nay, the responsibility – to stand between government agents and county citizens to tell the agents, “NO – you cannot do this.” Ada county’s current sheriff has openly stated that he would enforce government mandates over the rights of citizens. This is not what citizens should want. Doug Traubel is and always has sided with being a Constitutional sheriff – standing for the rights of citizens, not the power of the government.  Doug Traubel deserves the vote of Ada County residents.

Chris Boyd – Canyon County Prosecutor: As America has noted in places like Georgia and New York, the role of county prosecutor is huge. Idaho needs county prosecutors who know both the law and the spirit behind the law. The choice for county prosecutor in Canyon County is a no-brainer.  Chris Boyd is not only a solid conservative, he has oodles of prosecutorial experience. His opponent, Greg Chaney, is neither a conservative nor does he have prosecutorial experience.  Chaney is one of those who claims to be conservative because he’s a Republican, but his voting record while serving in Idaho’s House aligns with big government programs, which is why the voters in his district replaced him.

Boyd has the needed prosecutorial experience, plus he’s been endorsed by Raul Labrador and Canyon County Sheriff Kiran Donahue.

Scott Cleveland – U.S. Congressman: The swamp in D.C. is deep, and Mike Simpson has become a swamp creature. Idaho state representatives who were freshmen in the Idaho House with Simpson said he started out as a true conservative, but he quickly saw that to gain power he had to vote for big government / establishment programs. He eventually moved on to become a U.S Representative for Idaho, but even in D.C., Simpson’s voting record has not be conservative, no matter what his campaign literature tells you. He also gives only lip service to his conservative constituents. At one event in Idaho, citizens were protesting the mask mandates. When asked about the protestors’ position, Simpson simply replied that they were “Riff Raff.”  Translated – he doesn’t care. Scott Cleveland is a solid conservative and it is time to retire Mike Simpson.


PS. The list of recommended legislative candidates is as accurate as can be as of this writing.  It may be that we missed someone. If you believe a truly conservative candidate was missed, please contact us at  We will review and amend if we believe the action is necessary.

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