Desperate Leftists Calling Themselves Republicans Resorting to Blatant Lies

By the True Idaho News Editorial Board

On the whole, Idaho is mostly populated by conservatives. And when we say conservative, we mean people who don’t want government getting any bigger, people who don’t want boys dressing up as girls and using women’s restrooms, people who don’t want children freely picking up library books with cartoons of same sex teens pleasuring each other, and people who don’t want children being ripped limb-by-limb out of their mother’s wombs.

Despite what some who are desperate to regain power will tell you, conservatives aren’t just born in Idaho. This state now has many political refugees who thought Idaho was a conservative state as described above. They moved here to escape big government and the social reengineering occurring elsewhere.

But desperate left-wing Republicans don’t want you to believe that. Good ol’ boy “Republicans” who are grasping to regain offices have resorted to fearmongering, saying anyone who isn’t from Idaho doesn’t understand Idaho and therefore shouldn’t be elected to represent Idahoans.

This is pure horse manure.

Polls show that three out of every four people moving to Idaho from liberal states want a conservative government. In fact, some of them are so disappointed that “long-standing Idaho Republicans” vote like Democrats (see diagram below), they decided to run for office.

Then, in true Saul Alinsky style, the good ol’ boy Republicans who vote like Democrats manufacture motives and lies about these true conservatives. Common lines of horse manure include “out-of-state dark money” candidates who are “bringing California values.”

Such power-hungry liars don’t get it, so they lie. Political refugees who’ve lived in Idaho only a few years and are now running for office are doing so because they saw Republicans legislators in Idaho voting like Democrats. Since they moved here to escape that, they’ve said, “ENOUGH,” and decided to step up and ensure Idaho is the conservative state they were led to believe it was.

The Gem State Heist

Twenty years ago, Colorado experienced the Rocky Mountain Heist. Big corporate money came in along with money poured in from the Democrat National Committee and turned a reliably red state blue. It was called the Rocky Mountain Heist, and a movie was even made about it.

But Idaho? Idaho was so red that Democrats knew any money spent here was a lost cause. That all changed a few years ago. Moderate Democrat sources confided to True Idaho News that Democrats are now pouring large amounts of money into this state. They saw too many true conservatives gaining ground, and big monied corporations and social change organizations suddenly weren’t seeing their bills passed – bills that favored them at the expense of Idaho citizens.

Even departments within Idaho’s executive branch hired lobbyists to convince legislators to support bills that would grow those government agencies!

These are hardly conservative principles. It is, as previously stated, tactics of the good ol’ boy club. And the reason the good ol’ boy club has many so-called “Republicans” is because of the sheer number of Republicans in the state. The Idaho Secretary of State office shows registered Republicans outnumbering registered Democrats by 4:1. Therefore, for government agencies, big business, and government-funded social programs to get their way ($$$), good ol’ boys learned long ago they needed to call themselves Republicans.

A Slew of Slimy Sham Artists

In the past few years, many big-government, socialist-leaning “groups” have emerged in Idaho, all claiming the name “conservative.”  Idaho Conservatives for Liberty, Gem State Conservatives, and Conservatives for Eagle Idaho are just a few. It’s gotten so bad that one can no longer rely on the word “conservative” as guide. One must do actual homework to see what each candidate believes.

Think about it. “Idaho Conservatives for Liberty” sounds like a group that aligns with the principles of the Constitution, and one isn’t careful, it would be easy to act on their recommendations. Yet the group is endorsing the very liberal Lori Bishop for Senate in District 10. Consider Bishop’s positions:

  • She supports the use of special pronouns, jail time for people who won’t wear a face mask, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (a socialist initiative) being taught in our schools.
  • Bishop also opposes homeschooling, the electoral college, and voters having to show ID to cast a ballot.

These are the exact opposite positions of the overwhelming number of people who consider themselves conservative.

What’s more, the Idaho Conservatives for Liberty PAC is openly spreading a lie about the true conservative Senate candidate for District 10, Tammy Nichols, saying that Nichols was arrested for felony check fraud. True Idaho News contacted Senator Nichols for her comment on the matter.

“It’s a total lie,” Nichols said. “I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never even had a speeding ticket. There are a lot of Tammy Nichols out there, and the person who got arrested is not me because I don’t’ have a middle initial, I don’t even have a middle name. That person’s birthday is not my birthday. Nothing about that story is true.”

Nichols continued, “As further proof, at the time whoever that person was got arrested, I wasn’t even in the state. I was halfway across the country driving to my parents back to Florida.”

It would be good for “Idaho Conservatives for Liberty” to know that lying is not a conservative value.

Idaho’s Future is at Stake

Longtime “Republicans” like Trent Clark, Tom Luna, and Jim Jones are claiming that they are the real conservative Republicans. They’ve been penning Op-Eds in many of the state’s newspapers, working overtime to convince voters that Legislators and candidates who vote in alignment with Constitutional principles are “extremists,” and “THEY” (Clark, Luna, and Jones) are the real Republicans. One such Op-Ed assigned those bona fides because these folks are in Idaho’s Republican Hall of Fame. It doesn’t take much to realize that liberals in Idaho have been posing as conservatives for decades, so yes, sadly, many liberals have received such awards.

We at True Idaho News say, forget the labels. “LOOK AT WHAT THEY SUPPORT.” Tom Luna’s signature was one of two that brought Common Core to Idaho. Jim Jones supported a Democrat in the most recent election for State Attorney General and consistently refers to Constitutionalists as “extremists.” And Trent Clark? He used to be chairman of the board for the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, a group that actively lobbies for big government programs that help big business – often to the detriment of small business. Clark is also a former Monsanto lobbyist (which makes the cancer-linked weed killer Roundup). In that position, Clark argued against Idahoans receiving property tax relief.

Clark was recently labeled “the most dishonest loser in Idaho politics.” Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, as the above is a mere microcosm of the leftist acts of people in these falsely labelled groups, but suffice it to say these leaders of the so-called “conservative” good ol’ boy Idaho Republicans and many other so-called “conservative” candidates do not come anywhere close to looking like Constitutional conservatives.

It’s election day. Lies and deceptions from the good ol’ boys are running rampant. Be very clear and purposeful about who gets your vote.





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