Farmers Market in Nampa Setting Record Sales

People in the Treasure Valley are happy to be “face-friendly” again, and one place they’re seeing lots of friendly faces is the Nampa Farmers Market. The market has been seeing record sales this year. In fact, on a rainy day in April, sales were 28% higher than any previous day in the market’s 33-year history.

To keep the “farmer” component of the farmer’s market, at least 50% of the vendors must be farm related, selling items such as produce, pasture-raised beef, chicken meat, and fresh eggs. The remainder of the vendors sell custom made artisan items, such as quilts, purses, lathed wood items, T-shirts, candles, horseshoe art, and handmade jewelry, among other items.

Food booths can also be found, selling local honey and specialty sauces, spices, mustards, cakes, cannoli, cookies, toffee almonds, and cheese. Of course, hot fresh food booths are also onsite, selling burgers, hot dogs and Mexican food, plus vendors that sell coffee and snow cones.

The market even added additional food trucks this year, making Lloyd’s Square in Nampa a place one can shop and eat each Saturday to support local businesses. To keep a fun vibe, the market also brings in live entertainment each week.

Niccole Perrine is a local author and board member who sells her series of children’s books at her booth each weekend. She is an enthusiastic promotor, saying, “The market is a great place for people to support local vendors.”

Bob Wagner, President of the market’s Board of Directors, told True Idaho News, “This is my 11th season at the Nampa Farmers Market, and this is the best season we’ve ever had. The customers are amazing, and we have a group of vendors who are absolutely incredible.”

The Nampa Farmer’s Market is open rain or shine 9:00 am – 1:00 pm each Saturday from April through October, and is located at Lloyd’s Square in downtown Nampa, at the corner of 13th and Front Street.

A full list of vendors and market events can be found at their website,


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