Dr. Ryan Cole Talks Truth on The Voice of Conservative Values Show

Some people applaud him. Others attack him. One thing is true: Dr. Ryan Cole pursues science, and he talks about what he discovers and backs it up with research. On Thursday, Sept. 23, Dr. Cole was a guest on The Voice of Conservative Values show, hosted by True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski. Dr. Cole shared the latest information about the delta variant and how people receiving the “vaccine” can be highly susceptible to catching – and spreading – Covid-19.

You see that somebody gets a shot and a week later they have Covid. We have this false sense of security – ‘I got my shot, I’m fine,’” Cole said. “[But] the proteins have changed, so it doesn’t even neutralize it like the earlier ones did. You’re literally a sitting duck.” 

Cole continued, saying, “This should be another important public health message – your choice, your body. If you want a vaccine, great. If you’re fully informed, that’s your choice … but if you get it, you’re in an immunological suppressed state in those several weeks post your shot, and so one needs to be very careful.”

Cole also pointed out that “Individuals who’ve had Covid have a broad, durable, long-lasting immunity. There aren’t two groups – there’s not the ‘vaxxed’ and ‘unvaxxed’ in society. There’s the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, and the Covid-recovered. And that’s the golden group. Those are the people – if they have a competent immune system – they have a great lifetime immunity.”

Throughout the show, Cole stressed the importance of early treatment. “If outpatient doctors focus on early treatment protocols, we can unburden the hospitals,” Cole said.

At previous speaking engagements, Cole has invited people who challenge his statements to bring their evidence and have a dialog. “That’s how we do science,” he says. “We analyze, we debate, and we analyze some more.”

The Voice of Conservative Values is hour-long show airing each Thursday afternoon at 2pm mountain time on Brighteon.TV. Recent guests in include research virologist and best-selling author Dr. Judy Mikovits, and UncoverDC.com founder Tracy Beanz.  Next week’s guest will be author, filmmaker, and speaker, Trevor Loudon.

View Bobinski’s interview with Dr. Cole here:



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