Conference in Nampa This Weekend Focuses on Re-establishing Balance in America’s Political Arena

For anyone seeking to understand what’s driving the flow of government in America, a two-day conference in Nampa, Idaho may be of interest. The Center for Self-Governance (CSG) “Student Convention” is for anyone wishing to learn how to restore a balance to America’s political arena.

Mark Herr, President and founder of CSG, says that people don’t need to be a past participant in any of CSG’s classes to attend. “The conference is open to anyone,” he said. Herr also told True Idaho News that the first of three core CSG classes, Block 1: Introduction to Systemic Politics, will be taught first thing on the first day of the conference.

The Center presents a variety of classes which show how various organizations operate to influence government. The purpose of CSG’s education stems from their main vision to advance a “resilient, stabilized, and self-governing society.”

Those seeking more information or desiring to attend the conference can visit the conference web page here.


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