Ammon Bundy Announces Run for Idaho Governor

At a park in Meridian, with the temperature at 93 degrees and where he served up freshly grilled hamburgers to more than 700 people, Ammon Bundy announced that he is running for governor of Idaho.

In his speech, Bundy said that after his release from prison stemming from the events in Nevada at his father’s ranch in 2014, and having been convicted of no crimes, he moved to Idaho because, as he said, “Idaho represents the best of what America was. It was a conservative state with conservative values.”

Bundy said that after moving to Idaho, all he wanted was to be left alone. “I didn’t want anything to do with government. I even refused to vote,” he said.

But after seeing “untold corruption” in Idaho’s government, Bundy decided something needed to be done. “We need Idaho to stay Idaho,” Bundy said. That phrase was the impetus for his campaign slogan: “Keep Idaho Idaho.”

During his speech, Bundy outlined the four parts of his campaign platform, the first being the elimination of certain taxes. He said that “property tax never allows people to truly own their land. Property tax makes you a renter forever.”  Bundy said he would eliminate property taxes in Idaho and stated he has a practical and responsible way to do so.

Bundy said he will also eliminate personal income tax, pointing out that Idaho has higher income taxes than many liberal states. To operate the state, Bundy said he would use consumption taxes (sales taxes), as they are taxes that people choose to pay by choosing to spend their money.

The second part of Bundy’s platform is to take back Idaho’s land from the Federal Government. “Land equals wealth,” he said. “As governor, I will see to it that the State of Idaho reclaims the land that is rightfully ours.” Bundy asserted that the states which are prospering are doing so because they have access to their lands.

Bundy said, “Idaho must make a cultural decision – we can either build up or build out. History demonstrates that if we build up and create dense, congested cities, we will lose our traditional conservative values.” Bundy said If we are to maintain our conservative values, we must spread out.

Part three in Bundy’s platform is health freedom and bodily autonomy. “No government can rightfully force to you take a medicine or a treatment,” he said, stating that the health care system is “completely corrupt,” forcing treatments and vaccinations. Bundy said that when he is governor, “Idaho will never mandate vaccines nor any other medical treatment.”

The fourth part of Bundy’s platform is “making Idaho a financial freedom state.” Citing “unlawful intrusion into the financial lives of individuals,” Bundy wants to align Idaho’s laws with the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “If you don’t have financial privacy, then you can never be financially free,” he said. Bundy’s intention is to create financial privacy laws even better than Switzerland, which “will bring in untold billions” to the state, creating privacy and financial freedom.

Bundy closed his announcement by saying he wants to “Keep Idaho Idaho,” and said his plan can be downloaded from his campaign website,


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