Vehicle Charging Stations, Plus ‘Statesperson’ Editorial Board is Smearing Conservatives

Idaho’s Transportation Department is seeking input regarding $28 million of your great grandchildren’s tax dollars being sent to Idaho to create Electric Vehicle charging stations every 50 miles on Idaho’s freeways.

Also, the Editorial Board of the Idaho Statesman recently wrote an editorial smearing conservative groups. This is obviously a part of a concerted nationwide effort by those in Propaganda Media to discredit and paint as “extreme” any organization that seeks to return government to Constitutional principles.

Evidence is clear that what the Editorial Board writes is either outright false or purposefully twisted and misrepresented perspectives.

Listen to the show:

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Host Daniel Bobinski provides historical evidence of people who shot up a county jail in Tennessee in 1946 because of voter fraud, and nobody was charged – because the fraud was there.  He also explains how Mike Pence did not correctly respond to vote count challenges that occurring during the official count on January 6 of last year.

Bobinski also pointed out how the Statesman misrepresents words and actions that occurred at the Idaho Statehouse – even challenging the Editorial Board to travel to Dearborn, Michigan to explore Islamic “no-go zones” in that city where even the police don’t go because it’s not safe for people who are not Muslim.  Beyond that, Bobinski even offered to raise funds to pay their way.

Other topics Bobinski addressed:

  • The right (and proper way) to protest in front of someone’s house
  • The lack of emotional intelligence in the legislature’s leadership
  • How the legislature tried to pass immunity legislation in an unconstitutional way
  • The TRUTH of what happened and why when door glass was broken at the Capitol
  • Double standards and selective enforcement of alleged threat against conservatives versus actual threats made by leftists / statists

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