True Idaho News Website Gets Modified – New ‘Events’ and ‘Meet & Greet’ Pages Added

Established with the purpose of providing Idaho citizens with truthful content, True Idaho News “opened its doors” on Easter of 2021. Since that time, readers have inquired about different events being held in the state. To serve the citizens of Idaho and create a destination page for people to find out what’s going on and when, as well as how to get tickets to those events, the editorial board for True Idaho News decided to create an “events” page on the website.

People can access the new page by clicking “EVENTS” in the menu bar or by entering in their browser’s search bar.

Organizations wishing to publicize liberty-focused events on the EVENTS page should send information about those events to  Submissions should include the name of the event, the location, the date and time, a cost for attending (if any), and a link to an event registration page. Any photographs that can be used in the banner ad should also be submitted. Banner ads and links on the Events page are provided free of charge, but must be approved by the True Idaho News board to get published.

During the campaign season, the Events page will also link to a list of candidate “meet and greets” that get submitted. Organizations hosting meet-and-greets should submit information about the event to True Idaho News, and as with other events, the editorial board reserves the right to publish or not publish links at their sole discretion.

Upcoming events on the Events page include the next Ada County Liberty Dinner featuring State Superintendent of Schools candidate Branden Durst on Tuesday evening, April 5, the Empowering Teachers and Parents Symposium in Star on Friday, April 8, and the North Idaho Freedom Fighters’ Live Your Freedom Gala in Spokane on Saturday, April 9.

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