TIN Podcast: Calling Out Reclaim Idaho, Idaho’s Propaganda Media. and Its Left-Friendly Republicans

Reclaim Idaho is working to increase Idahoans’ taxes.  They are the group that used lies and deceit when promoting Medicare expansion, and they are using the same tactics to fool Idahoans into thinking a new ballot initiative (to be called Proposition 1) will not impact the average Idahoan, but only “wealthy” Idahoans – and the state’s evil, wascally corporations (even the small mom-and-pop S-corporations).

This is a typical Marxist approach that needs to be called for what it is – Hosts Daniel Bobinski and Josh Gibbons discuss.

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Bobinski also reviews the purpose of True Idaho News moving forward – to counter the Propaganda Media. Bobinski and Gibbons discuss several stories in the news lately – and their authors – and how those stories present false information to Idahoans.

Also discussed:   Steve Scanlin withdrew from the Democrat race against Raul Labrador for the state’s Attorney General seat.  That gave the D’s a new candidate, and alleged Republican Jim Jones has come out as the campaign treasurer and possibly the campaign manager for the Democrat.  Calls are being made for Jones to be removed from the Idaho Republican Hall of Fame.

Jim Jones is a key member of “Take Back Idaho.”  Bobinski said that the organization’s mission statement should reveal the truth – Take Idaho back to a time when politicians can practice graft without fear of getting caught. Gibbons pointed out their tactics are deceptive and dishonest, presenting blatant misinformation to the state’s voters.