Temporary Restraining Order Placed on Bonner County Commissioner

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For the past several months, Chairman of the Bonner County Commissioners, Steve Bradshaw, has been unable to hide what appears to be his growing disdain for Commissioner Asia Williams. After County Prosecutors determined that allegations of threats made by Bradshaw against Williams were credible, Bradshaw was issued a temporary restraining order.

Shari Dovale, editor of Redoubt News, reported the following:

“During regular weekly business meetings, [Bradshaw] has repeatedly yelled at [Williams], talked over her, tried to get her to stop talking, recessed the meetings because she has not followed his orders, and walked out of meetings without completing the agendas.”

This week, True Idaho News has been informed by multiple sources that Bradshaw has made verbal threats to Commissioner Williams, including saying that he would “shoot” her. One source observed that Bradshaw also made a motion that indicated he might hit Williams, but he pulled his hand back before doing so.


The Bonner County Prosecutor’s office was made aware of the threats on Wednesday, Aug 16. After an investigation, a temporary restraining order has been issued against Bradshaw, which was served without incident the next day, August 17th.

The restraining order is in place until August 30th. A judge will decide if the restraining order needs to be in place for a longer period of time.

With the restraining order in place, Bradshaw is prohibited from entering county buildings. Any official business he conducts as county commissioner, including chairing commissioner meetings, must be done via Zoom.

Other egregious behaviors

In addition to serving as a County Commissioner, Bradshaw is also pastor of the Cocolalla Cowboy Church, and multiple people have reported that Bradshaw complains regularly at both his church and at commissioner meetings about citizens in his county. Some of the names he uses to publicly describe the citizens he represents include:

  • Reprobates
  • Bacteria
  • Stupid
  • Lame
  • Chicken s#**


Bradshaw has also referred to public comments made at county commissioner meetings as “debauchery and foolishness,” and has even told taxpayers to, “Kiss his a**.”

Video of Commissioner Bradshaw using foul language and threatening body language to a constituent.


After a recess at this week’s Bonner County Commissioner meeting, Commissioner Williams did not return. In a conversation with True Idaho News, Williams said she did not feel safe enough to do so.

Law enforcement in Bonner County state that they believe this is the first time in Idaho history that a restraining order has been placed on a county commissioner for threats of violence to another county commissioner.


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NOTE:  Asia Williams has also served as a co-host of the True Idaho News podcast.


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