Idaho’s ‘Establishment’ Loves Their Public Power Moves – Ammon Bundy Arrested at a Football Banquet

Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

The “establishment” in Idaho has it in for Ammon Bundy.  At this point, Bundy could be volunteering 40 hours a week to wash clothes for the homeless at one of the locations that help the homeless and the “establishment” would find some reason to arrest or fine him for it.

And arrest him they did. (video available here and also embedded below)

Late on Friday, August 11, Ammon Bundy was arrested while attending a banquet with dozens of other families for the football team on which his son plays. These law enforcement officers could have arrested him at his house. Or, they could have done like they did with the parents of Baby Cyrus and pull him over with a dozen cop cars, practicing piss-poor, unethical policing and arrest him with great fanfare at a local gas station.

But no.  Somewhere up the law enforcement chain of command, the edict came down. Arrest Bundy in front of as many of his friends as possible.  They needed to make an example out of him. They wanted all who associate with him – along with their impressionable teens attending the banquet – to know:


  • You don’t run for Governor and put out ads that shine a light on all the lies made by the WEF PUPPET sitting governor.
  • You don’t go to the hospital to prevent the grandson of your media manager from getting sucked into the Child Protective Services / Foster Care system, which, according to USA Today, sees 55 children go missing EVERY DAY.
  • You don’t make the Lt. Governor’s favorite legal team look bad by not playing their game in court.

Before I continue, lets’ get one things straight: I don’t agree with everything Ammon Bundy does. Personally, I think he is well-intended in his efforts to ensure people in government don’t overstep their bounds (sadly, an ever-increasing number of people getting paid with public funds are doing exactly that). But I also see Bundy making moves at the wrong time, bringing trouble upon himself and others when another effort in a different way and at a different time to make the same point would have yielded better results.

Bundy and some of his most avid supporters might get mad at me for saying that. Let them. That’s my opinion.

But there’s also a bunch of Bundy naysayers out there who think he needs to be drawn and quartered and he deserves whatever those “establishment” folks want to do to him. To those people I say this:  Stop soaking up all the spin from the totalitarian-friendly media. I’m pretty sure some of the naysayers could read Bundy’s writings to ascertain his point of view, but that would probably lead to excessive cognitive dissonance and emergency rooms having to clean up a bunch of popped heads.



In other words, people can believe the tripe offered by Leftists like KTVB’s Brian Holmes, but much more wisdom exists in the old adage that you can listen to both sides of a story and the truth is probably somewhere in between.

To be sure, this op-ed is not written to defend everything Ammon Bundy has done, so spare me all the hate mail. This column is written to point out that we have people employed by or contracted by government agencies that have no problem ignoring the principles upon which our Founders stood when they created this country, all so they can flex their muscles and feel powerful.

Whether that ignorance is willful or unintentional doesn’t matter.  What Idaho needs is a return to ethics with people in positions of authority embracing intellectual honesty and making a total about-face away from striving for power.

The end result of power-hungry players in our government continuing unabated will be something our country was never intended to be – and something our great-grandchildren will one day be ashamed of.



Daniel Bobinski is the editor a True Idaho News. 

The views and opinions expressed by contributors to True Idaho News do not necessarily reflect those of Shadowtrail Media, LLC, its founders, or owners.