Stop the Medical Tyranny – An Open Letter to Governor Little

Guest editorial by Dr. Lynn Laird

Dear Governor Little:

Thank you very much your executive order 2021-4, banning vaccine passports related to Covid-19. I understand it’s not within your jurisdiction to extend such a ban to private businesses. That is the legislature’s job. However, they have refused to hear several bills that would come close to what is needed. I don’t know all the politicking going on there, but it seems to be getting in the way of needed legislation from even being heard in committees. Specifically, I’m thinking about HB63, which prohibits forced vaccinations, HB140, which prohibits discriminating against people based on their vaccination status, and HB301, which requires employers to be liable for damages if they require employees to be vaccinated.

I am writing to ask you to publicly encourage the legislature to address protecting individuals, whether they are employees, contractors, or customers from being forced, coerced, threatened, or bribed to receive any invasive medical procedure as a requirement for employment or access to a facility. An increasing number of companies are now announcing they are requiring vaccines, so we are no longer talking about something “theoretical.” Corporate bullying and discrimination are upon us, and we must act NOW to protect Idahoans from this kind of overreach. Is not the role of government to protect the rights of citizens? For the government to look the other way while citizens tyrannize one another is a gross dereliction of duty.

It’s obvious from the fact that you signed the executive order disallowing the state from using force or coercion, that you know it is wrong to use these methods to manipulate individuals into participating in medical procedures they are not inclined to consent to on their own. If the state shouldn’t be allowed to treat people this way, then we can’t allow individuals or businesses to bully, coerce, or discriminate either. I do not subscribe to the standard response that private companies can do what they want. Government regularly tells private companies what they can and cannot do in terms of employment law.

Again, I am requesting that you call for the legislature to pass strong legislation on this matter as soon as possible. I am more than happy to work with any legislator(s) to get a proper bill drafted. Please feel free to call me if you’d like to discuss the matter. I also encourage you to read an open letter I wrote to the legislators last month that further explains my thoughts on the matter. 

Thank you for your time and for your concern for Idahoans.


Dr. Lynn Laird, Psy.D.

Phone Number Redacted


Lynn Laird, Psy.D., is a psychologist specializing in Accelerated Resolution Therapy for treating post-traumatic stress disorder and other concerns stemming from trauma. Her practice, Healing Heart Counseling, is in Meridian, Idaho.


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