Retiring Senator Christy Zito Exposes the Cronyism Occurring in Idaho’s Legislature

Special to True Idaho News from the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer

Introduction by Daniel Bobinski

Several years ago, when I was writing weekly exposes and opinion pieces for UncoverDC, multiple liberty-minded legislators in Idaho suggested I start “Uncover Idaho,” saying there was much shenanigans going on in our state that needed to be exposed.  The “Uncover” brand belongs to UncoverDC’s founder, Tracy Beanz, so I couldn’t use that name. But after having enough of local TV and newspapers spinning events with a Marxist worldview and castigating those who stood up for Constitutional principles, I knew I needed to so something.  And so, about a year ago, True Idaho News was born.

Since that time I’ve been asked to host two weekly radio shows plus a weekly TV show, and I’m doing my level best to expose what’s going on in Idaho and also the country. Gratefully, some Idaho legislators inform me of what’s really going on. Several of those items have already made it to the True Idaho News site, and others will appear here when the time is right.

But True Idaho News is not the only source of independent news in Idaho. other independent news sources in the state also expose what’s going on. I look to the publishers of these websites as peers and colleagues, not competitors, and I encourage people to visit and subscribe to their sites  (among them are Redoubt News, Idaho Dispatch, and the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer).

We are all independent, and since Pfizer and Moderna aren’t knocking on our doors to advertise with us, we’re all working with what is pretty much a labor of love. Our passion: Get the truth out there. With that in mind, we have also agreed to share each other’s articles from time to time.

Today I wish to point readers to an article from the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer about Christy Zito’s presentation at the latest Liberty Dinner in Pocatello. Zito is a retiring state senator, and in my opinion, she is boldly speaking out and exposing the deep truth. One might ask why. The answer: Because as a retiring senator, Zito has no more chips to play — and there are no more chips that can be played against her. From Senator Zito’s point of view, it’s time to tell Idahoans what’s REALLY going on in the state house.  I applaud this, and I think EVERY Idahoan should read this piece about what Senator Zito said in Pocatello.

– Daniel Bobinski, Editor, True Idaho News

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The following article first appeared at the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer.

April 7, 2022

Idaho Senator Christy Zito, speaking at the March Liberty Dinner in Pocatello, described a state legislature that is mostly controlled by special interest groups and no longer representing the conservative values of the typical Idahoan.

Zito explained, “The power of ever-growing bureaucratic agencies, are fiercely protected by certain legislators,” calling this, “an egregious miscarriage of a sacred trust that, as a legislator, you are there to protect the rights of the people who elected you.”  “As a legislator it is my job to stand between the citizens of this state and special interests and government overreach, not facilitate it,” she continued.

Describing her time serving in the Idaho Senate, Zito said, “We have learned by sad experience it is the nature of people to begin to exercise unrighteous dominion when they are elected by their fellow citizens to a position of responsibility.  We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature of people to almost immediately exercise unrighteous dominion, when they are put in a position of responsibility and power over the lives of others.  For two years now conservative legislators have joined together to present the conservative agenda, a road map for implementing and protecting conservative values in this great state.  Though roughly 30 signed on, when the rubber hit the road, there are only 10 consistently reliable votes in the House.”

There’s much more of this article to read, and Zito pulls few punches.  Continue reading this piece on the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer website.


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