The Democrat Political Crime Syndicate

Op-Ed by Pete Ketcham
This article first appeared at Redoubt News.  Read it here.


In the past much has been written about the corruption of the Bidens and the Democrat party, but the reality is, the Democrats have moved past just being individually corrupt, and have now evolved into a crime syndicate that has seized control of most of our government agencies by constitutional exploitation and manipulation.

No conservative politician, organization, or individual is safe from prosecution or persecution from this Democrat crime syndicate.

The following is a quote from Wikipedia under their “Organized Crime” entry:

“Many criminal organizations rely on fear or terror to achieve their goals or aims as well as to maintain control within the organization and may adopt tactics commonly used by authoritarian regimes to maintain power.”



This quote sums up the terror campaign being used against Trump and other conservatives by the Democrat syndicate. They use Democrat federal special prosecutors and Democrat state DA’s as “hit men” on political opponents, and also use these prosecutors and DA’s as protectors of the Biden crime family.

Good moral laws and policies that work as intended are dependent on the ethical character of those who enact them, but when those who enact these laws and policies are corrupt, they are able to exploit them to achieve their own evil agenda.

That is what the Democrats have been able to do with the existing constitutional laws as they rule like a crime syndicate.



Even though the Republicans seem to have no choice at this time but to deal with the Democrats as an opposing political party, they need to realize that they are actually dealing with a criminal syndicate masquerading as a political party. There is nothing in our nation’s recent history that is close to the unconstitutional chaos that is now taking place under the Biden/Democrat political crime syndicate.

It now seems evident, that if this constitutional nation is to survive, the Democrat crime syndicate must be removed from all state and federal governing offices. There is no clear path or plan at this time as to how that could be accomplished, but as things continue to deteriorate due to the gross incompetence and immorality of the Democrats, there is the remote possibility that the American people may finally wake up and vote the Democrats out of office before the nation completely collapses.


Pete Ketcham is a Christian and former leaders of a local TEA Party group. This article first appeared at Redoubt News.  Read it here.

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