Rep. Heather Scott and Sen. Christy Zito Speak About Idaho Corruption on the Voice of Conservative Values Show

On Thursday, Oct. 7, Idaho State Rep. Heather Scott (R-Dist.1) and Idaho State Sen. Christy Zito (R-Dist.23) appeared on the Voice of Conservative Values, a live Brighteon.TV show hosted by True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski. The Idaho legislators responded to Bobinski’s commentary that that Governor Brad Little acted outside of his Constitutional authority when he signed an Executive Order while not physically within the state.

This is typical politics in Idaho,” said Rep. Scott, “This what I’ve seen from day one. It’s an orchestrated circus there, and we definitely have a group of ‘establishment’ there that have been running this state for a very long time. And now you have a Lieutenant Governor who’s throwing some curveballs at them. They did not expect that she would get into that position, and now that she’s in there and trying to work for the people and expose what’s going on, they’re going crazy.”

Scott continued, saying, “They tried to marginalize her, demonize her, they’re litigating against her, and it’s all attempt to exterminate her.”

Sen. Zito added, “It’s very unfortunate that people move here, thinking they’re moving to a very conservative state, and a lot of the people are. But it’s unfortunate that those who are in leadership positions, like in the House and the Senate – our Speaker of the House and our [Senate President] Pro Tem – and our governor and attorney general, they are not conservatives.”

Our Constitution is being shredded,” continued Zito. “It breaks your heart to see this. We would expect our leaders to look out for us and stand for us and to protect those rights, but for a large part, in the State of Idaho, it’s just not happening.”

To Create Change, Citizens Must Get Involved

To fix the system, both legislators said the state needs good people to stand up and run for office. “We don’t have any good candidates for Secretary of State this year that will actually look into a forensic audit,” said Rep. Scott. “They won’t even say the words, ‘forensic audit.’ And you need legislators who will work for the people.”

Scott then encouraged viewers to get involved. “You don’t have to have a political degree [and] don’t have to have a college degree. Anyone that cares about this country, that cares about this state, any veteran that thinks that their service is over, they need to step up and help us. It takes all hands on deck to get through this. There are parts everyone can play.”

Sen. Zito also encouraged viewers, saying, “I think it’s important to remember that our founding documents weren’t written so that you had to have a college education or a law degree to understand them. Our founding documents were written so that every man, every woman, and every child could understand them and know how to live by them. So get involved. And if you don’t want to run for office, there are a lot of other things you can do.

During the show, conversation also ventured into the fact that Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House, used official House of Representatives letterhead to publish a personal letter released to the public criticizing Idaho’s Lt. Governor. Bobinski noted that this activity was clearly a political stunt intended to mislead the public and that using House of Representatives letterhead for personal use violated House rules. He further suggested that Bedke be investigated for an ethics violation.

The entire Voice of Conservative Values show featuring guests Representative Scott, Senator Zito, and UncoverDC investigative journalist Michelle Edwards can be seen here:


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