Jan 17 True Idaho News Podcast: St. Luke’s Magic Valley Deceives Residents, So Does Guv. Little and IDHW Dir. Jeppesen

On today’s show: Co-host Josh Gibbons talked about Kirsten Lucas speaking at Liberty Dinners in Blackfoot and Pocatello on what it means to be Precinct Committeeman. Daniel announced that he’ll soon be coordinating Liberty Dinners in Ada County.

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If you didn’t get a chance, listen to Rep. Tammy Nichols on the True Idaho News podcast last week. It was quite informative, and can be heard here or here.

Daniel referred to a True Idaho News article that calls out Governor Little and Dave Jeppesen’s Health and Welfare Department for LYING To Idahoans. Read the story here.

Little and Jeppesen keep saying the jab is safe – and IDHW’ social medial platforms say the jabs are safe for children. BUT facts are facts, and children under 20 are more likely to get Myocarditis as a result of getting a “jab” than they are of getting killed in an automobile accident. Said another way: They are NOT safe.

Daniel also said insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in all-cause deaths, and it can’t be blamed on Covid (Covid deaths are actually down). The only change that has occurred in society is people taking Covid shots. We report – you decide. Go to the story and click on the links to read the facts for yourself.

Daniel also elaborated on story that originally appeared at the Magic Valley Liberty Alliance about a St. Luke’s Magic Valley employee getting fired for not taking a Covid jab – even after she had TWO documented vaccine injuries from the vaccines she took that St. Luke’s mandated when she got hired. Read the full story here.

In another story from St. Luke’s Magic Valley, KMVT-11 in Twin Falls reported that the ICU at St. Luke’s Magic Valley was full. The problem is that a doctor contacted True Idaho News with documented proof that only 11 of 30 beds were occupied. St. Luke’s Magic Valley ICU was NOT full.

In closing, Daniel and Josh discussed why Congressman Mike Simpson said “Let’s Go Brandon” at a dinner where Joe Biden was speaking. Simpson is in trouble politically, and is probably trying to sound relevant. They also discussed why the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme has gained and kept traction.

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