Idaho GOP Welcomes Conservatives Flocking to Idaho from Left-Wing States

Op-Ed by Dorothy Moon

No matter how long you’ve been here, we can work together to save Idaho

Did you hear the news? Most of the people moving to Idaho are conservative Republicans. Thousands of families have watched left-wing policies destroy beautiful states like California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado and have come here to escape encroaching socialism and totalitarianism.

No matter if you moved here in the last few years, if your family came here before statehood, or if your ancestors have roots that go back centuries, you know that Idaho is a special place. You have made your home in the Gem State because you know that this is a place where freedom and liberty are cherished, where all life is held as precious, and where your right to self-defense will always be protected. We are proud to stand with you and say, “We are Idaho!”


Yet not even our beautiful state is safe from the woke mind virus that infects everything in our country. Sadly, we have our share of leftist provocateurs who hate traditional values, devalue life, and want us disarmed and defenseless. Though some that seek to change our Idaho way of life have come here from outside, many grew up right here, and have regrettably chosen to fight against the very values that make Idaho so special.

The petition going around in support of a jungle primary and ranked choice voting is just the latest attack on our way of life. One person, one vote has been the American way of running elections since the dawn of our country, and the right of political parties to freely associate and choose their own nominees is built into the fabric of our laws. This initiative seeks to dismantle both of those pillars, rigging the game for more leftist candidates.

Don’t feel bad if you accidentally signed the petition. Those signature gatherers read from a deceitful script, selling the idea that this initiative, backed by Democrats, has bipartisan support and will make elections more fair, more representative, and more inclusive. That is pure bunk. In reality, this is a push to change the rules, ensuring that more moderate and liberal candidates prevail in primaries. Just as one football team wouldn’t want their opposition to select their quarterback, Republicans don’t want Democrats to select our primary winner. Contrary to the deceptive narrative Reclaim Idaho pushes, nobody is currently denied the right to vote. If you’re a member of the Republican Party, you can request a Republican ballot in the May primary. And in November, you can cast your vote for any candidate on the ballot in the general election.



Maybe you already signed the petition, but now that you’ve learned more about it, you realize that it’s not a good idea after all. I have good news! Citizens in each of Idaho’s 44 counties have the right to submit a letter to their county clerk asking to have their name removed from the petition once it is submitted for verification. I would urge you to take advantage of this opportunity, rather than put your name on a bad idea.

We are glad that so many people have decided to make Idaho their home. If you believe in freedom and traditional values, then you are Idaho, and you are the Idaho Republican Party.


Dorothy Moon is Chair of the Idaho Republican Party.

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