Director of Idaho Freedom Caucus Weighs in on Chuck Winder


Idaho Freedom Caucus Director Maria Nate recently joined True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski on his Keep the Republic radio show where the two discussed the troubling issue of Senator Chuck Winder using bully tactics against members of the Freedom Caucus.

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Having been an executive coach for 34 years, Bobinski underscored the poor leadership of Senator Winder in choosing demeaning and threatening letters and knee-jerk, heavy-handed punishments instead of having face-to-face conversations to address his concerns. Director Nate stated that Winder’s real concerns are those that align with the wishes of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI), and that Winder doesn’t like senators in the Freedom Caucus letting the public know about that alliance.



On multiple levels, special interest groups, such as globalist IACI members, are working to bring about a top-down authoritarian approach to governance in Idaho.

Both Nate and Bobinski called for Winder to issue public apologies to Senators Scott Herndon, Glenneda Zuiderveld, and Brian Lenney, especially to Senator Herndon, for making what amounts to false and defamatory statements about him.

Rather than discuss his concerns with these senators face-to-face, Winder, the Senate President Pro Tempore, wrote letters in which he threatened disciplinary action. He also removed Senators Zuiderveld and Lenney from their Vice Chair positions without so much as issuing a warning. In his public response, Lenney stated that it has been seven months since Winder has spoken with him, and suddenly a letter removing him from his Vice Chair position arrives in his email inbox.

Nate and Bobinski also discussed heavy-handed legislation and dirty backroom deals that have plagued Idaho, as well as the importance of constitutional conservatives continuing to call out such corruption.


Bobinski and Nate closed the show by highlighting the fact that those who advocate for top-down authoritarianism don’t announce that from the rooftops because they know one must at least sound conservative to get elected in Idaho. Therefore, citizens should look beyond the names of organizations such as “Idaho Liberty PAC”, the “Main Street Caucus,” and “Idaho Conservatives,” which are not conservative at all. In practice, the aforementioned groups advocate for policies and programs that diminish true liberty. Bobinski stated that people should not trust the implications of an organization’s name, but should look at what these organizations actually support.

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