Homeless Fix is a Fiasco in Boise, Questionable School Board Candidate, Gas Prices & More

On this week’s podcast, hosts Daniel Bobinski and Josh Gibbons start by talking about Idaho’s birthday (July 3). Then they discuss:

Homelessness in Boise – The city’s mayor seems to want Boise to become the next Portland.  During her campaign, Lauren McLean deflected on the accusations that she is a Socialist (and never denied it).  She’s now a proponent of the “Housing First” approach to dealing with the homelessness situation, but as Bobinski pointed out, people experienced in successfully working with homeless populations say Housing First is the absolute wrong solution.  Bobinski and Gibbons discuss.

Listen to the show:

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A Young School Board Candidate – an 18-year-old is running for a seat on the Boise School District Board of Trustees.  Does an 18-yr-old have the wisdom to make decisions which will impact all elementary students in the district? An interesting discussion addresses this.

Gas Prices – Joe Biden tweeted that companies selling gasoline should charge only what they paid for the product. Bobinski and Gibbons rightfully mock this.

Hold the Line Conference – on August 13, from 9a – 2pm, Sean Feucht has organized the “Hold the Line” conference to encourage Christians to get involved in their government.  Speakers include David J. Harris Jr. and Priscilla Giddings. Conference will be held at Harvest Church in Meridian.

Idaho’s Republican Party Convention – During July 14 – 16, Twin Falls is the site of the Republican State Convention. Party leadership will be decided, and some believe a more conservative leader for the Party should be elected to the Chair.