Idaho Health and Welfare Continues to Spread Medical Misinformation – Politicians Remain Silent

The latest “Twitter Drop” shines a bright light on truth: pre-hospital treatments that work effectively to reduce the likelihood of catching Covid were suppressed and even removed from social media platforms. Such treatments are safe and inexpensive, and they also greatly reduce the likelihood of hospitalization for those who do get infected. Instead, the world was told we “needed” a vaccine. In Idaho, Governor Brad Little was among the first with that lie. Politicians, their media allies, and the Medical Industrial Complex told us “vaccines” and masks were the only ways to get us out of the so-called pandemic.

At this point, it’s difficult to determine which was worse:

  • Those discussing safe and effective treatments were “canceled” on social media
  • We were confidently told the “vaccine” was safe and effective
  • It was people in government that drove the shutdown of alternative options

What we now know:

  • Truth was suppressed
  • Lies were propagated
  • To this day, people working in our government continue to publish false information

What we know about the “vaccines”

First: The “vaccines” are not safe. At best, children 18 and under are ten times more likely to suffer a severe, life-altering medical disability after getting a Covid-19 “vaccine” than they are likely to die from Covid-19. The real situation is potentially much worse. One former Pfizer executive says that children are 50 times more likely to die from a coronavirus vaccine than from the virus itself.

Older people are also dying from the jabs. As reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight, “A Norwegian study conducted of 100 nursing home residents who died after receiving Pfizer’s corona shots. They found that at least 10 of those deaths were likely caused by the vaccine.  10%.”

Myriad other statistics exist. One need only get past the marionette media, which receives much advertising money from “vaccine” manufacturers.

Second: Covid-19 “vaccines” are not effective.  As reported in the British newspaper The Guardian, “People who are fully vaccinated against Covid yet catch the virus are just as infectious to others in their household as infected unvaccinated people.”

Additionally, as published in The Liberty Beacon, public health data from England shows, “Fully vaccinated people are 65% more likely to be hospitalized & 1540% more likely to die due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated.”

Those numbers would be staggering even if they were cut in half.

Yet, while the CDC and their Health and Welfare counterparts at the state level continue to propagate the “safe and effective” lie, politicians stand by and let them. Some, like Governor Little, even propagate it. And corrupt individuals at the top of federal agencies will no doubt continue to promote lies and suppress the truth.

The following was posted on the Idaho Health and Welfare Facebook page:

As has been pointed out, the Covid-19 “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective, and those who are injected are at a much greater risk of severe and permanent side effects than those promoting the lies will admit. And, since “vaccinated” people get Covid-19 at the same rate or more than unvaccinated people, it’s quite a stretch of logic to say the “vaccines protect against COVID-19.”

Interference From the Highest Levels

We now know that people at the FBI, the World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes for Health (NIH), and the U.S. Surgeon General actively persuaded Twitter to terminate the accounts of Medical doctors and journalists who had first-hand knowledge of and openly discussed effective treatments against Covid (example). Although documentation has yet to be made public about Facebook (META) and YouTube (Google/Alphabet), little doubt exists that these social media platforms were also participating in the organized suppression.

Suppressed information / False hopes

One reason for suppressing discussion of pre-hospital treatments was itself a mistruth. Those pushing the medical narrative said pre-hospital treatments were being pushed as “cures,” even though doctors were calling them treatments and not cures.  Ironically,  proponents of the industry narrative who insisted “there is no cure for Covid” simultaneously said that anyone who was “vaccinated” would not get nor spread the virus.

Preventative treatments

Two very simple prophylactic treatments help reduce the likelihood of an active Covid-19 infection.

To appease the Medical Industrial Complex, the following statements, are provided:

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

And, “Always check with your doctor before starting any supplement.”

People with higher Vitamin D levels are significantly less likely to catch Covid. And, if an infection takes hold, people with higher Vitamin D levels are significantly less like to die from the infection (video and research paper).

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s informed a colleague that he took 6,000 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Dr. Michael Karlfield, owner of The Karlfeldt Center in Meridian, Idaho, says 6,000 IU of Vitamin D daily is a sufficient amount to keep a baseline of Calciferol in one’s body (Vitamin D-3), but that Vitamin K-2, magnesium glycinate (at bedtime) and Omega 3 fatty acids are needed to help the Vitamin D process properly and not cause calcifications in the bloodstream.

Preventing viral replication

Another simple treatment is to create the condition in which viruses are less likely to replicate.

Hydroxychloroquine and zinc work in tandem to prevent viral replication. By themselves, those substances are relatively ineffective against Covid-19, but multiple studies show tremendous efficacy when taken together. One study showed that the hydroxychloroquine and zinc combination resulted in an 84% reduction in Covid-19 mortality.

As Dr. Vladimir Zelenko pointed out in an interview, the Medical Industrial Complex politicized hydroxychloroquine. Overwhelmingly, doctors were afraid to prescribe it, and many pharmacies refused to dispense it. To help save lives, Zelenko searched for an alternative. He found that the over-the-counter supplements Quercetin and E.G.C.G. (both polyphenols) provide the same function as hydroxychloroquine, both enabling zinc to absorb more easily.

Some in Idaho are starting to wonder why more elected officials are not calling out the lies and pressing for an open dialog on the truth of what is available for our citizens.

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