Governor Little and H&W Director Jeppesen Fail to Tell Idahoans the Truth

By Daniel Bobinski

Instead of telling the truth, the person elected to serve as Idaho’s chief executive officer parrots the Covid-19 narrative promulgated by the National Governor’s Association, a private club that blurs the lines of Constitutional government and has no public accountability.

Additionally, Dave Jeppesen, Little’s appointee to run Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare, continually fails to convey factual evidence that the messenger RNA “vaccines” can cause permanent physical damage, and even death. Instead, his Department’s Facebook page regularly disseminates false information, misleading Idahoans about Covid-19 “vaccine” safety and blatantly failing to inform Idahoans about the dangers associated with the jabs.

Little and Jeppesen are at the top of a pile of misinformation that flow from state employees. Currently, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is run by the CDC, shows that more than 21,000 Americans have died as a direct result of getting jabbed with a Covid-19 injection. Strange how neither Little nor Jeppesen mention all those deaths.

Instead, these two continue to tell us the vaccines are safe.

The following chart shows the number of vaccine deaths reported to VAERS since VAERS was established back in 1990. 

FACT: The total deaths from Covid-19 vaccine injuries is more than all deaths from all vaccines combined since the VAERS system was established.  And that is just the deaths from Covid-19 vaccines that have been reported.

Dr. Robert Malone, a physician and inventor of the mRNA technology that allowed for the creation of these “vaccines,” recently stated in an interview that vaccine injuries and deaths reported to VAERS are under-reported by a factor of at least four of five.  A Columbia University study found that VAERS deaths are undercounted by a factor of 20.

More than death

The list below shows injuries and events nationwide resulting the so-called “safe” Covid-19 vaccines as of Christmas Eve, 2021. As you review these numbers, keep in mind that we have evidence of hospitals in Idaho purposefully not reporting obvious vaccine injuries to VAERS. Doctors who have contacted True Idaho News privately have reported that their colleagues are turning a blind eye to the fact that vaccines are the obvious cause of many “unexplained” medical conditions seen in Idaho’s emergency rooms.

  • Doctor visits: 156,456
  • Hospitalizations: 110,609
  • Urgent Care Visits:  109,245
  • Severe Allergic Reactions: 36,492
  • Permanently Disabilities: 35,650
  • Life Threatening Reactions: 23,892
  • Myocarditis / Pericarditis:  22,117
  • Deaths: 21,002
  • Bell’s Palsy: 12:532
  • Shingles: 11,462
  • Heart Attacks: 10,640
  • Anaphylaxis: 8,673
  • Thrombocytopenia / Low Platelets: 5,011
  • Miscarriages: 3,425

The website provides updates on VAERS data at least weekly.

Little deceives Idahoans

In an August 23, 2021 video put out by the State of Idaho, Brad Little made deceptive comments in his attempt cajole Idahoans into getting Covid-19 jabs. He said, “The FDA full approval of the vaccine helps impart additional confidence for Idahoans still on the fence about getting the shot.” The problem? The FDA’s approval of which Little spoke was for a Pfizer product that’s only available outside the United States. For Little to imply that the Pfizer “vaccines” given in Idaho (or anywhere in the United States) are FDA-approved is disingenuous at best.

What should one call someone who doesn’t tell the truth?

For the record, the position of True Idaho News is not anti-vaccine, but rather pro-information, pro-education, and anti-killing-people-for-the-greater-good.

For a free PDF outlining multiple early treatment protocols and links to interviews with multiple doctors on what’s really going on with healthcare, send an email to and request the free PDF on protocols.


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